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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Mind control

We read in the Vedic literature that if one has won his/her mind he/she can win the world easily.Also,the one who has control over his mind can easily achieve salvation.ALso,he can keep "unbroken brahmacharya" too.There are many benefits mentioned in the Vedic literature.

But there are many theories about mind.Some persons say that there are two minds.One is conscious and the other one is sub-conscious.Some says that the mind runs own its own.It has no control.Some say that we cannot control our mind in the full life.But,all these theories have been found to be wrong.We can control it easily.Actually,the mind is made up from non-living substances like Carbon,Hydrogen.Oxygen,Nitrogen,Phosphorus etc.These all are non living.So,we can control the mind as if we control some scooter or motorcycle.One thing we should remember is that we think when we want.We do not think when we do not want.If one finds out how does he think,he can control his mind very easily.
For controlling the mind one must read the books on "".Especially,books like "Brahma Medha","Kriyatmak Yogabhyas" etc.

You will certianly find enough material in those books.