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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Swadhyay:Way and importance

The word "Swadhyay" is found in the great Vedic texts which means to study the Vedas.The Vedic texts say us to do "Swadhyay" every day.The men and women should give the good amount of their time in studying the Vedas and the Vedic literature.The Vedas are the books of all knowledge.The Vedas contain Science,Spirituality,Politics,etc.The Vedas are logical.Everyone should study the Vedas logically.They should think over those mantras.The men and women should get the translation of the Vedas from Arya Samaj and the scholars like Arya Samajian scholars.They should not study the false translation of illiterated human beings.Some western scholars who were not well-equipped in the "Sanskrit"language has also mistranslated the Vedas.

"Swadhyay" should be done continuously with full time.It should not be done discontinuously.The men and women should read and study them everyday.There should not come any day on which he did not do "Swadhyay".Those who do "Swadhyay" daily gets too much benefit.Their life gets changed.Their emotions get changed.Their everything gets changed.Their surrounding gets changed.They can see the God everywhere.They can see a soul sitting inside them.They can distiguish between their body,mind and soul.They can distinguish between the truth and the untruth.Their life becomes great.They become individuals of higher position.They start their journey on the path of salvation.There are many effects of "SWadhyay" which can be seen oneself.But the fact is that one should do "Daily Swadhyay" with full time.

Study looks like a boring task.We think we cannot get happiness from it.But as a man continues on the path of study,he starts gaining happiness gradually from it.

Vinay Arya