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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

There must be some stopping potential for this

In Arya Samaj,it is famous that Maharshi Dayanand won the KashiShastrarth.We have our proofs about it.We believe that Maharshi Dayanand really won.The debate was on whether there is idolatory in Vedas or not.The debate lasted for about three days.In these three days Dayanand was stonned at very badly.A gropu of more than 10 persons stonned from small to somewhat big.But Swami Dayanand's power of Brahmacharya was so much that he could bear those stones.Well!Maharshi Dayanand had come to ask whether there is pebbleworship in Vedas or not,but he had not come to know how many pebbles are there in the hands of them.The Pandit Mandali couldn't answer Swamiji's questions.Each and every question remained blank.On the third and the last day,some letters were given to Swamiji while debate.Swamiji were looking at those papers.Suddenly,Swami Vishuddhanand stood up and started crying"Dayanand lost.Dayanand lost.Suddenly the people thought Dayanand lost.It was made famous in the Kashi that Dayanand has lost the debate.People also staRTED TO BELIEVE IT.But soon after,Swami Dayanand gave a list of 64 questions.Those 64 questions remained unanswered at all.Nobody could reply to them.So,it proves that Maharshi won the battle.

But in a book names something like "kashi ke panditon ka gauravmay itihas",it has been shown that Dayanand lost the debate.It is said in that book Swami Dayanand started looking at the questions posed by Swami Vishuddhanand and couldn't answer anyone.How fraud false is being taught.Is there anything to fit in the minds of the priests?

(Reference:Navjagaran ke purodha,Bhawan LAl Bhartiya)

Thank you!

Vinay Arya