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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Work fast,the world is not of your father

It is my strong experience that the working speed and duration both are ver less of Indians or us.Our elders do not work at all as they get readily affected by some diseases.Actually,the average age of Indian humans is from the least.India is that country in which Rishi used to have an age of 400 or more.But,Japanese human beings have started living for more than 110 years.Better it would be if we would read our morning newspaper thouroughly.We,the Indians,generally die at the age of 50 due to heart attack,B.P. and we do not get proper medical facilities.India is from those countries which has the least doctors.Germany may be a country having highest number of doctors.If we say to our young generations that our Rishis like Patanjali had huge amount of knowledge then they laugh at us.It is not the mistake of Patanjali but of you.If we estimate then it comes out that India is the slowest developing country.Actually,Japan was destroyed completely in 40s but you know what today it is.If you want to look at the situation of our country then you do not need to walk out the length of the entire country through a journey but just visit my village.I can't have words for my village.

When I look at Japan I am completely stunned.It should be told to them no Shiv Ganesh etc. made theri Japan.But Japan was made by Homo sapiens sapiens.Are we animals belonging to non-chordata?Hardly any Japanese gets any time to put his mind on Shiv's penis.So,we conclude from this data that Indians spent ttheir most of the time in useless activities involving sex as their way of worship.If we look at any survey,these are Indian students who give their most of the time in games.But they can concentrate only on just two games i.e. cricket and an video game.Alzheimer's disease is common in India.Our villagers need the explanation three to four times to understand the topic.

Indians can't concentrate on physical exercises as they laugh on it.Whenever I start jogging villagers say'o to padhedo hai' i.e.yeh to padha likha hai'.Actually,Swami Ramdev is more loved my Japan and America.These all thinngs have become Indian culture.The world is not of their father so that they can do whatever they want and whenever.Our religions says us to work with vigour.It says us to work fast.We can't do anything with a low speed as a bus at 1km/h can never reach Kanyakumari from Jammu-Kashmir.