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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Atheists are more better than religious

Atheists are more better than religious because of following religions:-

(1)Religious believe that god like entity has made this universe and doing each and every task including human's tasks.So one should not do any woirk but just worship the God.But Atheists believe that God is not doing human's tasks hence human's should weork hard to attain what they want.

(2)Religious believe that we should not use logics.But Atheists believe that we should use logic to identify the truth and the untruth.

(3)Reigious believe that an educated cannot achieve happiness and money(however they worship goddes saraswati to obtain knowledge,but they say "those who read the books are stupids').But atheists believe that only educated and literated humans can become free from sorrow and grief.

Religious believe that when their God Shiv becomes angry the person gets fever.But atheists believe that it is due to some micro-organisms.

Aren't atheists better than Hindus,Muslims,Christians,Sikhs,Jains,Bauddhs etc?