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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Prana,Indriya,Mun(Mind) aur atma

The four most important things to know according to Vedic literature are:Prana,Mun,Indriya aur atma.Our human body,and the body of other organisms is made up of these four basic substances.Let us go one by one:

(1)Prana:This is called as the oxygen(O2).This is inhaled.The pranas are of five types according to our great Rishis.What we exhale is a type of prana called apan.This prana is distributed to whole of the body.When it goes out the animal dies.Life is there where Pranas are there.With the help of this prana we are able to work.We can think.We can walk/talk,laugh,work etc.Pranas are responsile for metabolism providing proliferating of our body.

(2)Mun(mind):This is the most important organ which controls all of the activities.The main quality of "mun" is to know.If our eyes or ears are not connected to the brain we can't know what is outside.We perform various actitvies by it.It is unconscious.The "Mun" is controlled by pranas.We give an inspiration to what we inhale so that our mind can work.

(3)Indriya(pl.):Indriyas are of two types.They are as follows:
(1)Karmendriya:These are five i.e.Hand,leg,mouth,anus and penis.

(2)Jnyanendriya:These are also five i.e.eye,nose,ear,toungue and skin.

The Indriyas cannot work without Mun and Pran.

Everyone can know their importance after looking at them.

(4)Atma:This is the most important element which denotes us i.e. a vachya-vachak sambandh between us and the word "atma".
This with the help of its powers and will controls Pran,Mun and Indriya.
Pran,Mun and indriya are unconscious while sould is conscious.

Pranayam means to control "Prana".This is done by stopping it many times outside or inside by various ways.When Pran is stopped it comes in our control.Now,we can give any inspiration to it which we want so that we can do the desired task.If "Pran" comes under the control of Atma,it can control Mun and Indriyas i.e. the full body.Many persons think that Pranayam means just to exhale and inhale.But it is not so.If our body comes in our control the world comes in our control.Various indvisible and divine powers are originated.
But it requires a hard practice for a long time to control these.