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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

How to get benefit from Vyayam

Most of us are familiar with WWE's wrestler's.We wonder why they have such a huge and strong body with speacialised muscles.They can bear shots of chairs,stickes,base ball bats and hammers.It is siad that they worked day and night for their body.Maharshi Dayanand has also advised us to do daily Vyayam from the age of 16 till his last breath(one must read his first edition of Satyarth Prakash for proof).But when we start it we can't do it on the next day.Because our hands and leg's muscles start paining.It is due to imblance in Ahar,Nidra,Brahmacharya(tristambh) and low quantity of seminal fluid.

(1)Ahar:One should take a healthy diet full of fats,carbohydrates,vitamins,proteins etc.But the fact is that one should always avoid any diet harmful to our health like wine,meat etc.One should continuosly taking prana(oxygen) and giving out carbon dioxide i.e. one should continuously breathe with full lungs because we require oxygen in excess for various puruposes.Ayurveda tells us about the importance and work of "Prana".

(2)Nidra:It is a process to increase energy for mind and other organs.It is " a state in which mind and all other eyes etc. are resting.In this state a man does not think at all."If we take "Nidra" according to the above said procedure then only we are going to be benefitted.

(3)Brahmacharya:If one does not leak semen the semen is going to go all around the body stregnthening our body' muscles.This is the most important factor.One should follow all essentials to protect"semen".

"Their bodies become resistant to pathogens who have a balance in the "Tristambh".

After balancing these factors if one does "Vyayam" he is going to get the real benefit.Otherwise instead of any benefit he will be harmed."Vyayam" avoids us from B.P.,heart attack,obesity and other fat related diseases.During "Vyaayam",waste is given out of the body in the form of "sweat" or "pasina".One should do "Vyayam" everyday to keep himself away from any diease and to become stronger like a wrestler.Our body is an equipment for Dharma Artha Kama and Moksha.Ayurveda declares the necessity of protecting body before protecting "Dharma" and attaining "moksha".

Due to exercise our muscles

Due to exercise our muscles secrete lactic acid which results into fatigue.But in order to avoid lactic acid one must take enormous amount of oxygen.Oxygen will oxidize alcoholic part of latic acid into ketone,which will result into the formation of new compound "pyruvic acid".The Pyruvic acid will again be oxidised in Krebs cycle(Biochemistry) to give H2O and CO2.Hence,you can do as much exercise as you can, provided you take oxygen all the time in full amount.Be cautious,while inhaling do not make sound otherwise your nose will ache.

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