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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्


By Chitranjan Sawant
My computer was perfectly fine and the Internet did its job meticulouly when I shut it down at midnight Saturday night last week. When I returned to my personal computer next morning to complete an article as part of my assignment for the International Aryan Conference, I found that the computer systems had gone haywire.The opening page lighted up after such a long time that I thought another millenium was about to be ushered in. The Internet played truant. That was it.
Came a long distance call of a friend who sympathised that I was robbed in Madrid and he volunteered to remit some money. I denied my presence in the panish capital. Another call of a cyber savy friend unfolded the story that my computer had been hacked and the appeal for monetary help was backed by the sob-sob story.
Rising to the international level of hacking, we find that the state player are doing the dirty job. Their Malware i so ophisticated that countering it i almot imposible. It is believed by experts in thi field the People' Republic of China i the real deadly culprit. Hackers are state players and their targets are the high profile government ministries of countries that may one day go to war with China.
India i very vulnerable. Although our specialista in the Corps of Signals are confident that the commander's orders to soldiers will betransmitted unhindered, other experts demur. USA is not safe either.
What will happen on the international scene if a full fledged war break out? Well, USA and China will be the main adversarie with their minor allies in toe. The danger lies in cyber war escalating and beside military etablishments, civilian outfits like hopital and school being dragged in. If the MALWARE that cripples the ytem of internet communication is too trong, there is no device, as of now, to top it hort of a hospital or a school.The damage to non-military establihment will be colossal.
Undoubtedly the cyber war was fought on a big scale in the past too. USA had disrupted the nuclear progres of Iran in 2010. STUXNET virus was deployed by both USA and ISRAEL and their operation wa quite successful. Syria and Serbia were alsu ubjected to successful attacks by UA. China has been hacking computer for govt secrets and also for economically paralying its adversaries. No antidote is in evidence to fight against the international hackers.