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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Don't use colgate. It's poisonous !

or just google 'COLGATE POISON' and decide yourself .

An English person said to me

An English person said to me after reading that article "mai aisa nahi manata hu.colgate company bahut achhi hai.kyonki vah videhi company hai.ataha uska achchha hona atyant swabhavik hai.dekho us toothpaste ko istemal karne ke baad us sundar heroine ke daant kitne chamaka gaye hain.hay re!vo kitni sundar h gayi hai.ataha mai to colgate hi istemal karunga/karungi."Actually,that English men was as Indian itself.But Vinay Arya is using "Dant Kanti" toothpaste from last 3 years.He has left the use of any videhi product.His brother Ayush Arya has also left their use.Both of the young children i.e. I and he,always use swadehi product.But in case of emergency we have to use videhi products.Bothe the children have to face too many obstacles in thei paTHS.Their friends say to them "oh vinay!you are an old man at your teenager are a stupid too because you believe in God and use swadeshi"When I ask him "does any beautiful heroine of america use Indian products".He said no.Then I said "SO she is beautiful and smart because she uses her country's products.If we would use our country's products then we will also become very beautiful and smart.Because a country's products are made from his swadehi mitii and the human himself is made from their mitti.As swadehi mitti is the only one which will suit his/her body he should only use swadehi products.

When I were addicted to "COlgate" my teeths were yellow.But when I used "Dant Kanti" my teeths became more white than an american heroine.
Your friend
Vinay Arya