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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्


The word "Prem" means to have good feelings for someone really in their heart.It also includes understanding the pain of the sad persons.Prem is something in which we like some object or human being or even some animal.Many persons have doubts regarding "Prem".For most of the persons "Prem" means to put their mouths on each other infecting each other.But it never includes this definition.Because putting mouths on each other is just a task.And we do not know what is inside the heart.Some persons who completely hate each other have also been found to do such animal acts.So,this can't be the real definition.

The real love or prem includes laughing,giving,sacrifice,tears etc.The word opposite to the "prem" is "ghrina".If prem was related in anyway to mouth then ghrina would have meant avoiding mouth acts.But you know the meaning of hate.Just put the opposite meaning of the word "ghrina" in the word "prem".What are the benefits of "prem"?Before asnwering this question I will try to answer what the demerits of "ghrina" are.The demerits of "ghrina" are violence,suicide,sorrow,fire,war etc.Who wants to remain in sorrow?Actually,nobody needs to answer this question.All wants happiness and pleasure which is the main greed behind each and every task of human beings.When this greed becomes too higher one must seek for Yog and get a moksh.Very few persons know about moksh.I will illustrate this matter in a different topic.As everyone wants pleasure and sukh nobody should want violence,suicide,fire,war etc.The benefits of "prem" are opposite to the demerits of "ghrina".The merits of "prem" are non-violence,sukh,peace etc.

I accept that man and woman gets sukh from that act.I accept that man and woman are quite beautiful because they have been made by the God.But I give too much importance to my health and semen.So,if putting mouths were the definition,it would have meant that persons of same sex should also do the same thing.But as I told earlier this can't be the definition of "prem".The sukh which you get in "prem" is more than which you get in the act.Because that sukh is obtained only for that time period in which the man is indulged.While in "prem" a man can think all the time as there is peace everywhere.

I accept that an organism is quite beautiful.But after some time he is going to "Rest in Peace".There would not be that beautiful body after sometime.

Hence,I think that instead of destroying semen and health in that act one must understand that mortality of the world.An individual's life can't be regained.Vedas tells us to behave "premly" with all so that you can get sukh.The first "yam" in Yog is "Ahinsa".