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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्


By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

ISHWAR has been kind to me and to hundreds of thousand Aryas professing the Vedic Dharma enunciated by Maharishi Swami Dayanand Saraswati in the nineteenth century India that is Bharat. He had founded the Arya Samaj on 10 April 1875 to carry forward the mission of preaching and propagating the Vedic Dharm as enunciated by him in his treatise, Satyarth Prakash and buttressed by Rigvrdadi Bhashya Bhumika and Sanskar Vidhi. Of course, through his Will and Last Testament finalized in Maharana’s Udaipur in February 1883, the reformer Swami reconstituted the Paropkarini Sabha designating it as his successor to continue his mission of Reformation. Now 129 years after the sad demise of the Rishivar, as we address Dayanand Saraswati, a big Jamboree was held at Rohini, Delhi to take stock of the present position and formulate plans for the future.
Had I not seen the scenes of Aryas from all over India and thirtytwo other countries and from the five Continents assembling at the Swarna Jayanti Park smoothly and comparing notes cheerfully, I would not have believed an official of the Delhi Arya Pratinidhi Sabha describing these scenes in glowing terms. I was present there all along and lodged nearby in a guest house so that I remain constantly in touch with the events of the Antar-Rashtriya Arya Mahasammelan-2012. Although 26 Sammelans were held in years gone by in different countries and the present one was termed as the 27th Maha – Sammelan, it was not officially designated as such. However, Prakash Arya, General Secretary of the Sarvadeshik Arya Pratinidhi Sabha vouched for its authenticity. However, never before had Aryas assembled in such large numbers at one place in furtherance of a common aim, Propagation of the Vedic Dharm.
My wife, Sudha and I arrived at the Reception a day earlier so that we do not miss any event or a conversation concerning conversion of others to the Vedic viewpoint on various topics under the sun. I am not sure if we progressed on this road but we did travel a long time. They were highly educated men and women and some of them had no association with any faith or an organized religion. Nevertheless the keen interest that the non-believers took in the proceedings convinced the Arya Samaj officials that here was a rich crop of fence sitters mentally prepared to be convinced and converted to the Vedic Dharm.
Brahmachari Raj Singh, an ardent Arya Samajist who practices what he preaches, presently Pradhan of the Delhi Arya Pratinidhi Sabha was the moving spirit behind such a mammoth show never held by any Arya Samaj before. He had spent long hours pouring over problems and discussing with friends, colleagues and fellow office bearers of the Delhi Sabha so that no minor details were left unattended. Vinay Arya, Mantri of the Arya Pratinidhi Sabha ably assisted the Pradhan and other office bearers were always around to tender their advice as and when called upon to do so. It was indeed amazing that no one among them raised the pitch of voice or used epithets showing annoyance or anger while debating pros and cons of a particular proposal. A pleasant surprise indeed.
I had landed there in the midst of this kind of environment to collect papers to be presented to the hotel or a guest house that would lodge me and my wife for the next four days plus. However, despite the prevailing efficiency around, the responsible people just did an irresponsible act by sending me to a hotel that had no room available for us that day or thereafter. The volunteer at the Reception counter was informed about it and he was indeed apologetic. Thereafter, we were guided to the correct place of stay after roaming around and burning our expensive automobile fuel of the hired taxi. That made my purse a bit more light than it should have been. In a soliloquy I told myself, Never mind old boy, such things do happen. I chose to forget it just as we forget a bad dream. Soon came Sachdeva, a volunteer in-charge of allotting accommodation and apologized profusely. I could see through his sincerity and accepted what he said as the gospel truth.
Sachdeva, a bank official, and I became friends thereafter and he was with us all along catering to the administrative requirements. Nice guy he is and I told him so. Later he doubled up as the PRO of the Delhi Sabha and provided me the required background material required for doing my running commentary on the flag hoisting ceremony next day, the morning of 25th October 12.
The Sun rose in the East as usual. We did our Vedic Sandhya and left the living room after a frugal breakfast. Sachdeva, our new friend was there at the main gate to receive us and escort us to the venue of the Flag-hoisting ceremony. The tribal dancers from Chhattisgarh looked lovely in their tribal attire and gave us a few glimpses of their performance. Enjoyable indeed.
A quick rehearsal of the final performance was very welcome. The music was as exotic as the costume. The costume contained some outlandish items and the children present there just wanted to pluck the shiny musical bells that jingled with the slightest movement of the dancer’s body or a whiff of fresh air. After the performances of various dances, the dancers themselves presented items that had enamoured our future citizens and leaders. Mirth and merry-making pervaded the clean environment.
In the centre of the ground there was a square raised platform. In its centre was the Rifle in reverse order with a helmet on top of the butt. This position of the personal weapon of a soldier denotes that the warrior has made the supreme sacrifice and he is being paid a solemn tribute by the surviving soldiers.
The drill of paying a SHRADDHANJALI was quickly gone through volunteers of the Arya Veer Dal in uniform and ceremonial regalia.
Prakash Arya came soon after, I offered that he share d the commentary time with me and he readily agreed., I exercised my privilege of dpening the commentary on the Aastha channel. I must make a mention of the national flags of 28 countries( a few did not bring theirs) fluttering in the morning breeze. We were informed that we were to make our own arrangements for sustenance in the evening. No problem, we muttered.
At the entrance to the flag square stood Mahashay Dharmpal Ji, MDH masala fame, Chairman of the Reception Committee of this mega event, his son and joint Adhyaksh of the Reception Committee, Shri Rajiv Gulati Ji to do the ceremony of flag-hoisting. As I mentioned their arrival for the event at the gate, Prakash Arya went there to receive them and escort them to the Dhwaj Sthal and brief them. Prakash Arya gave a short account of the AUN flag and its short history. I went on the air again to explain the military significance.
I think it would be in order to make a mention of a lot of students who came from the Delhi Gurukul run by the Arya Samaj where Brahmcharis from all the North-Eastern states are brought for value based education and development of National Thought and Action. They looked bright and happy to be here.
The Guest Duo hoisted the flag. A CD on the AUM DHWAJ GEET prepared for this august occasion was played and it went on the air too. Inspiring Anthem indeed.
Vinay Arya, Mantri of the Delhi Arya Pratinidhi Sabha thaked all personnel concerned. He was generous in his appreciatory remarks. On that note, the first event of the first day of the 4-day Arya MahaSammelan came eo an end. All assembled Aryas were requested to please move to the main Lecture Pandal. Thus the focus of attention was ow on the main platform and the lectern. Thus came to an end my first assignment of the opening day.
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