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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्


By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM
I am indeed appreciative of the forward planning done by the organizing committee of the two organizations, namely the Sarvadeshik Arya Pratinidhi Sabha headed by Acharya Ji,assisted by its mantra, Prakash Arya and Brahmchari Raj Singh, Pradhan of the Delhi Arya Pratinidhi Sabha ably assisted by its mantra,Vinay Arya. What was amazing to the observers was, of course, lack of evidence to show that any trouble was brewing or that a silent Mahabharat was going on unobtrusively. None of that was in evidence. It was their perfect comradeship and absence of malice that saw them through and wear the crown of success and glory. Absolute absence of bickering and fraternal feud in the second and third lines of leadership ensured that the rank and file worked tirelessly to achieve the aim and reach the goal. Indeed the success did not elude them and the Arya Samajists who came from all five Continents spread over thirty two countries could not have been happier.
The vast multitude of Aryas that had come from all over the world looked forward to listening to good discourses from the Vedic pulpit. They were not disappointed. The selection of Sanyasis, eminent men and women to preside over various sessions, speakers who knew their subjects from Alpha to Omega and comperes who could keep their cool despite intellectual provocations indeed needed cool and collected planning and preparation. It was done. The credit goes to both planning and execution of the plans. Let us take a look at the long list of eminent men and women as well as the subjects they dealt with.
Well begun is half done; that age-old saying is applicable to this Mahasammelan of the Aryas too. Who could be a better man than Mahashay Dharm Pal ji of the MDH masala fame assisted by his son,Rajiv Gulati, a director in that company. They have been Arya Samajists from Day One of their existence in the undivided India as well as in the post-partition Bharat when he per force became a tongawallah to make a living.Mahashay Ji is 90 years old and going great guns; eats tandoori roti with his original teeth and always wears a smile. A great philanthropist who contributed crores of rupees to the Arya Samaj for one project or the other, including the present Mahasammelan. Both the father and son were invited to do the flag hoisting of the AUM Dhwaj that they did with great aplomb.
A number of TV channels did LIVE coverage of the flag hoisting ceremony with a running commentary by Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM who has a forty years experience of being at the mike for national events like the Republic Day Parade, The Independence Day ceremony at the Red Fort and so on. Prakash Arya and Vinay Arya also made valuable contribution at the mike from time to time. The young men of the Arya Veer Dal were present on parade in strength. The students of the Gurukul run by the Arya Sanaj in Delhi with students from the seven sisters of the North-East were present in their traditional and tribal dresses that looked so colourful and were a feast to the camera eye of channels like Aastha, Jagaran and a host of them that are still struggling to make a name.
Before going on the Main Manch, it would be appropriate to mention that a number od smaller pandals and speakers’ lecturns were erected as a side show that attracted audiences in large numbers. Just to mention the one that attracted my attention was named as the “ Shanka-Samadhan Manch” and had an able Sanyasi, Swami Vivekanand Parivrajak, holding the rostrum, the mike and the audience until the doubt disappeared. His long stay, teaching and preaching from the pulpit of the Sadhak Ashram of Swami Satyapati Maharaj has made him a past master of the art of enunciation of Vedic Thought and dispelling of doubts. He acquitted himself very well at the Arya Mahasammelan at Rohini ,Delhi too.
The Inaugural Session was indeed awesome. Shri Punam Suri Ji, President of the DAV college Management Committee came to preside over the important session. Besides his erudition and expression, it was his Arya Samaj background from birth that ensured that every word he uttered as Chairman of the session was absolutely Vedic. After all he is the grandson of late Sanyasi and Pracharak par excellence, Anand Swami Saraswati Maharaj. A consummate journalist as the Managing Editor of Urdu Milap Daily, Punam Suri ji knows and practices the art of using words to build a picture that he desires.
The content of talks and discourses of this session were enriched by presence and participation of Smt Sheila Dikshit, Chief Minister of Delhi, Dr Ram Prakash Ji,MP and aan ardent Arya Samajistand a great exponent of Vedic tenets who wrote a number of books on Pundit Gurudutt, Yoganand Shastri, Speaker of the Delhi Vidhan Sabha and as a graduate of a Vedic Gurukul, a Ved pracharak too. Shri Ramakant Shastri, Transport Minister, Delhi Government was on the stage to signal unification of various sects of the Vedic and Hindu Dharm. The impression that one carried home was that the inaugural session was overloaded with eminent citizens and scholars of erudition who could have given a better exposition of the topic given but the time allotted was rather miserly and needed expansion in future. Great scholars come on the dais well prepared and need at least 30 minutes or so to do justice to the topic.
In the continual long session eminent people of Indian Origin and staunch Arya Samajists put forth their ideas and views. I must make a mention that they were free, frank and fearless. In any case the Arya Samaj welcomes and encourages frank talks as long as the contenders do not come to blows.
Shri Ramesh Gupta,Pradhan Arya Pratinidhio Sabha America and Dr Harideo Ramdhani, Pradhan Arya Sabha Mauritius were quite prominent because of their ststure in the Aryan world and also for putting forth their Vedic Thoughts fearlessly.
Arya Samaj gives importance to teaching and learning of Hindi, Sanskrit and also to promoting the Vedic Culture. Of late, the image of Vedic culture has suffered a dent because those who are anti-Arya Samaj have made an endeavour to ignore what the Aryas stand for. The cults and sects that are not only anti-Vedas but also are looking forward to getting a chance to convert to their semitic religions. The Arya Mahasammelan should have been pro-active in promoting the Shuddhi aandolan to counter the anti-Vedic propaganda going on in many forms both overt and covert. To cite an example, Love Jihad is one movement that the Arya Samaj must counter by being pro-active.
Arya Samaj did the right thing by holding a separate session of the Arya Mahasammelan for eradication of superstitions. Let it be clearly understood that propagating and practicing superstitions in the name of religion is Heresy. It is VED- VIRUDDH. To say that a religion decrees killing of hapless animals and terming it as sacrificial killing in the name of religion is nothing short of dishonesty in religion. Minor examples galore like a cat walking across the road before you as a human being could cross that stretch or postponing your departure just because someone sneezed is pure and absolute superstition. It must be abjured by one who professes the Vedic Dharm.
The evening Havan was performed by one and all. Acharya Annapoorna Ji was the Brahma of the evening Havan and she played her role very well. The Ved Path was performed by the Brahmachrinis of the Dronsthali Aarsh Kanya Gurukul, Dehra Dun. Dr Ved Prakash Ji of Lahore and founder-Kul Pita of this Gurukul takes tremendous interest in promoting education of the girl child. The Kanya Gurukul is doing very well and has earned a name for itself.
The day’s proceedings were wound up with Bhajan and Sangeet Sandhya. It was indeed quite relaxing although senior citizens felt tired in the late evening and chose to call it a day. The standard of Music was quite appreciable. The Bhajan Mandalis from Holland and Bangkok excelled in their performances. Of course, the Bhajan singers from Vidarbha and Maharashtra were in the lead and enjoyed it.
By the time the performers and the audiences wound up the show it was fairly late in the evening. One and all was asleep the moment he or she hit the bed. Indeed, tomorrow will be another day when the sun rises on the second day of the Sammelan.
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Beautiful comments of 1st day of Arya Mahasammellan 2012, in Delhi. Looking forward to other articles.