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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Love increases power

The amount of cortisol is increased during anger and depression.The increased amount of cortisol destroys brain cells and reduces memory.It has also been found that cortisol kills RBCs and WBCs too.As a result of which,the energy of anyone tends to decrease.The quality of semen formed is low.Which reduces power from one more side.Swami Dayanand Saraswati has advised all of the Brahmacharis to avoid anger,fear,dpression,worry etc.

But when the human mind is in the state of love,joy,happiness his power is quite high.It is our ignorance that we become angry when anything happens.Like you didn't wear good clothes for your party.And you are angry upon.We become angry on such small things.Even if somebody loots your money you should be free of depression,worry and anger.But it is not like this that you should not catch the thief and avoid giving him punishment.Try to catch the thief with no worry and anger but with full vigour and will to give him punishment.

When one fears or gets depressed,his adrenal gland secretes adrenalin hormone which increase heart beat twice.If you fear or anger again you may have a heart attack.So,to save enrgy love everyone and avoid fear.The meaning of word Ahinsa in Yog Darshan is not mere absence of violent acts but a feeling of love and absence of hatred,says Swami Dayanand in "Rigvedadibhashyabhoomika".So,a hard Yog practitioner can have higher energy just by avoiding anger.By keeping Brahmacharya,he will have tremendous power.

Love and tension free lifestyle will give you a good sleep.After getting a good sleep,you will find your face lightening.The blackish spot under the eyes would certainly disappear.