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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Final Warning to Anupam otherwise

On one day he deleted my comments.But he didn't delete a lots of comment in which Dayanand was called a Nasheri by Ranjit Singh.I were called the most bad person on this forum by ramesh.So I again say to this Dumb anupam to delete all of my garabage from this forum and paste good posts of Ranjit Sigh here.And one more desire of me is to crush my account i.e. ban me.And post a topic saying beware of this bad vinay.I summarise it as follow:
)1)Delete all of my posts.
(2)Ban me and welcome Ranjit.

This forum is useless.No one comes here.No one talks to me.Except saying bad words.

Do the above two things otherwise YOU WILL REST IN PEACE.Give me your phone number otherwise I am to file a police case against you.You will be jailed for destroying my carrier.For disappointing a teenage.You will be burned alive Anupam.You will be burried alive.Delete my posts and ban me.I want.
I don't want to follow your teachings.I am a sinner an idiot and a dog and a biotch and on and on.I say delete me forver from this forum.Can't you hear me crying here.Crush me otherwise you will be crushed.

(1vinay is bad boy.
(2)vinay is useless.
(3)vinay is a donkey.
(4)vinay is an illiterate.
(5)vinay is illogical.
(6)vinay is illegitimate.
(7)vinay belongs to a bad company.
(8)vinay never destroyed anti-aryas on yahoo.
(9)vinay speaks always out of context.
(10)vinay is an idiot.
(11)vinay is a terrorist.
So keeping his account safe for these many years is not good.So crush his account.Otherwise you will be killed by me.You will face sorrow.

This is my last and final warning to ban me otherwise this forum will have to get clodes and yahoo mail too.