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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

A boy who is inconsistent in himself

There is a boy on this internet who tries to prove sometime Agniveer wrong,sometimes a saint wrong,sometimes me wrong.But before he said me a scholar of Vedas now he hates.However I am not any Vidwan.Sometimes before the same person quoted a para from Agniveer's site to fullfil his desire to me.Now the same boy is against Agniveer.

This full controversy is due to misunderstanding.
I say we should be non-violent.
But I again say we should be violent.

But violent in which case and non-violent in which case,this matters.The boy will say you said on one we should be non-violent now you say you should be violent hence you are false and an idiot.

But as you can see it is completely illogical allegation.Same thing is happening with that boy.May God give him some brain.However,scholars should try to make him understand.
He had some different faith before,now he has another different one and what will be that in the future God knows.God should give him patience to understand the truth.