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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

How much to eat,drink and respire

How much to eat?

When the amount of glucose in our body falls below the minimum requirement for the body then we feel hungry.It is the time to eat something.But if our body is not saying us to eat and even then we eat something then glucose level will increase in the blood causing diseases.So,when you start eating,always remember whether you are hungry or not.You should stop eating when the feeling of hungriness will die.But if you continue to die you will have to suffer very bad.

How much to drink?

When the amount of water gets decreased in our body,we feel thristy.It is the only time to drink water.When we drink water we will be quenching the thirst.When thrist is quenched do not drink more.Because more amount of water can cause increase in urine and blood volume,which may result into death.

How much to respire?

Our respirations are uncontrolled.Because body takes the required amount of oxygen own its own.But if we stop or extend our lungs below or over the required amount it can result to damage.Too much amount of oxygen can result into myopia,meningitis and hyperoxia.So,let the body respire own its own in whatever amount she wants to.During exercise if you put a barrier in the path of air,your muscles will start paining.And taking air with sound and voluntary control is also bad.Your body will automatically increase respiration when you will do physical exercise.