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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Religion,belief and logic

There many different religions in India like Hinduism,Buddhism,Sikhism,Jainism,Islam etc.They all give different definitions of religion.
Belief of Hinduism religion:
(1)Hinduism believes that whenever the untruth prevails then then the God takes incaranation and saves the truth.Due to this belief Hindus think that we do not need to do anything whenever any bad thing will happen,God will automatically come and will save us.We so not have to do anything.This has resulted in the destruction of whole India.Every HIndu believes in this myth.The belief is so strong that if we try to make him understand by logics,the people do not agree.They get stuck to their faith.They say that it is my personal belief.And I want to continue with this belief.They have nothing to do what is truth.They understand that whatever comes in their mind is the real truth.WHat others think or do is not a matter of concern.It is a time to change.

Actually,we should not have any belief.We should have belief only in what is right.ANd right is not what your mind thinks.We should be keen to accept the truth and decline the false at every cost.Because truth always helps us.The untruth always destroys us.Do not discover the truth only till you get tired,but discover the truth till the truth does not come to you and say to you I am the truth.Do not imagine unknowingly that what you have discovered till now is the truth.But go and go and go till the truth himself don't say he is the truth.