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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Brahmacharya facts

The food which we ingest is absorbed in our intestines.Similarly,the semen which is tored in seminal vesicles produced from our food is also absorbed.In this topic,I will discuss how to increase the semen absorption.I mean to say that how can you get a benefit in only 10 days which is obtained in 30 days by Brahmacharya.So I discuss the tipes to increase the absorption of semen pointwise:
(1)Something by our cells and tissues is absorbed by osmosis.In osmosis,the solute moves from higher concentration to lower concentration.SO the amount of solute(semen) is more in seminal vesicles.If the amount of water is increase in body then cells and tissued will have more water.This will lead to the absorption of semen from seminal vesicles i.e. from higher concentration to the body i.e.lower concentration.This will give more beauty in lesser time by Brahmacharya.This is not just a theory but I have experienced it.Its your time to experience it.

(2)The second way to increase absorption is moving body from one place to the other.When I made a galss of cotton and pour 5 liter water into it the water drained out in 10 seconds.But when I vibrated the cotton glass the same amount of water came out in 6.2 seconds.Therefore,the absorption of semen would be more when the seminal vesicles are moved.The only way to move seminal vesicles is to play or exercise.Exercise or play in a vigorous manner.This will increase absorption of semen.This also not just a theory but an experimental truth.The western people go to Jyms and play games that's why their skin is bright and they appear sexy.

So the ways to increase semen absorption or becoming Urdhvareta is to increase lots of water at intervals and exercise a lot.But if you leak semen then all of your beauty and power would go out.