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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Theory of Incarnation of God is Anti-Vedic

Swami Dayananda Saraswati, the founder of the Arya Samaj has re-stated eternal Vedic truths only — that is his greatness. He has, in fact, added nothing new of his own. He aimed to propagate the Vedic concepts rather than his own personal philosophical notions.

According to the Vedic philosophy, God and Individual Souls (= Jivatmas or simply Atmas) — these two are without form for ever. Form, shape or visibility is not their attribute and they never take any form. They are eternally formless. Even in embodied state, the soul remains formless; only body has a form. God is eternally formless. It is His natural attribute.

God is Omni-Potent, but it does not mean that He could wish to do any thing contrary to His nature, contrary to His Divine Knowledge. He does not do anything improbable, inconsistent with His attributes and nature. He does not work arbitrarily. Therefore, an all-pervading God can never be imagined to have any form. It is just impossible.

God has already revealed four Vedas in the beginning of the creation to enlighten, instruct and guide the whole mankind. Moreover, being inwardly present in us He always guides (encourages or discourages) us through His inner voice when we intend to do any thing good or bad. Sri Rama and Sri Krishna etc. followed the Vedic ideals and always obeyed the God's instructions — inner signals. They transformed Divine Vedic truths and injunctions into life and practice. It was their real greatness.

There is no mention of theory of incarnation of God in any true Vedic scriptures. However, if any body quotes any clear sentence even from main Upanishads, Manu Smriti or six Darshan Shastras supporting the theory of incarnation of God, Arya Samaj would surely like to examine it fairly.

Any notion which creates wrong image (knowledge) of God in devotee's mind is a mockery of theism. People are wasting their precious life in erroneously worshipping historical persons as Almighty God. We cannot identify any historical individual with the Supreme God; for the Lord knows no birth or death. We ought to have respect and reverence towards all great personalities of the world, but as far as worship and devotion is concerned only true God must be our object. This is what Arya Samaj wants to convey and emphasis with all humility. If we make theism free from such wrong beliefs, it would surely lead us all towards world unity. The beliefs in so-called incarnations, prophets, the only son, and the messengers of God etc. have created many divisions in the humanity.

Let us ponder with unprejudiced mind on what Swami Dayananda has written on this subject. He has written as under –

"God is formless, because if He possesses a form He could never be Omnipresent, nor, therefore Omniscient; since a finite substance can possess only finite attributes, actions and nature. Besides, He could never be free from hunger and thirst, heat and cold, disease, imperfections and injuries. This proves, therefore, that God is formless. If He were to possess a body, another person would be required to make the different organs of His body, such as eyes, ears and the like, for He, who is the product of the combination of the different parts, must have an intelligent formless maker. Here if it be argued that God Himself made His own body simply by willing it, this too goes to prove that He was formless before He made His body. It is clear, therefore, that God is never embodied. Being without a body He is able to make the visible universe out of invisible (subtle) causes... Nor can the incarnation of God be demonstrated by reason, just as the saying of a man, that space entered a womb or was put in a closed hand, can never be true, for space being Infinite and Omnipresent can neither go in, nor come out; similarly, God, being Infinite and All-pervading, it can never be predicated of him that He can go in or come out. Coming and going can be possible only if it be believed that there are places where He is not. Then was not God already present in the womb and was not He already present outside that He is said to have gone into and come out of it? Who but men devoid of intelligence, can believe in and say such things about God? Therefore, it should be understood that Christ and other were also not incarnations of the Deity — being subject to fear and grief, births and deaths, they were all men." (Ref: Satyarth Prakash - The Light of Truth)

= Bhavesh Merja

Infact , there is a belief

Infact , there is a belief among our Sanatani brothers , Christians & Muslims that God created the world from Nothing. I believe this is the main reason for all the misconceptions in their minds that, God can do whatever he likes to do. So they twist the God's creativity according to their own whims and the result is so much contradictory statments & believes. To day any one following them accepts, whatever is said in the name of God.Whether it is the birth of God, or bundle of majics, which they are always searching, day in & day out. If they realy wish to come out of this mesh, they have to accept ,that God is a Creator, but He does not create the Nature, nor the souls. Both the Nature & the Souls have no begining or end as it is for God.

Bhavesh ji you may pl. add & clarify further.