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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Please immediately stop Ramdev's Pranayams

Ramdev tells us that you should breathe very large amount of air i.e. deep breathing even for 15-30 minutes.It is quite dangerous for our health.If we breathe too much air fastly like Ramdev then we feel gidy and we can die too.See it practically by inhaling like Ramdev.Ramdev's Pranayams can cause Schizophrenia and depression like diseases.Ramdev is not any Yoga master.He is just a physically fir man who is run by the persons behind the curtain by killing the teachings of a Man called Dayanand by whom he was influenced at the age of 9.
Click: for more details.All of the claims made by Ramdev about his so-called pranayamas are compltely absurd and ridiculous.Let your body get oxygen own its own.Your body knows how to breathe.You can never treat any patient with those so-called pranayamas like kapal bhati etc.But our blind Indians belive in him.So Ramdev says "edh ke karodo log mujhse prem karate hai".His speeches are quite ridiculous.Less than 5% of Indian villagers have tv.Those villagers which have tv we can find only 5% of them having aastha.We can find only 1% of them watching aastha.I have asked many friends rural as well as urbans about their views on Swami Ramdev.Very less persons support Ramdev.But even then many blind followers are also there.

bhastrika pranayam 5 minute

bhastrika pranayam 5 minute tak karane se matha chakrane lagta hai.pairo me jhanjhan aur ajib si feeling hoti hai.vishwas nahi hota to kripaya turant khidki darwaaje kholkar jor jor se shwas le aur chhode jaise ramdev chhodata hai.fir fal swaym hi dekhe.
Question to Vinay
Q.1.kya tum param pujya ramdevji maharaji ko badnaam karana chahte ho?
Ans.tumko schizophrenia ho gaya hai unke pranayam se.kripaya doctor ki angreji dawa khane ki kripa kare.
Q.2.tum desh dharm sanskriti ke khilaf ho?
Ans.are ja ke tratment le le.

Your friend
Vinay Arya