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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्


(It is a very powerful criticism of the beliefs which are prevalent in todays society.Those who think that their sentiments would be hurt should not read this small article)

Some persons said to me that your are not anyone to decide what the relationships are,you are just a kid and nothing.Okay,I do not decide what the word "relationship" means.But I will tell my concept of relationships to others.

Relationships means some sort of relativity between two objects.Like mango has its relation with tree,a fish has its relation with water etc.So how do we define a relationship between two human beings?If we human beings want anything from each other then there forms a relation.Because the mango wanted nutrition from the tree and the fish wanter water from the ocean.So what can we give to each other?We can give a gift,a car,a bike,some money and sorrow too.If we give somebody any gift then it is called as a good relation and if we give them sorrow then we call it a bad relation.Everybody know which relation to obey.So we should give others gifts.Gift contains love.So it means that we need to elaborate the definition more.So we write "when we give love to other by gifts etc. then it is called a good relationship".A good relationship is the true relationship and others are fake.

Some persons tell that a Relationship between a man and woman is of different type.Relationship between a son and a father is of other type.But as we now that relationship means love.And love can't be of different types.Because love can't be divided.So,the division of love by those persons is inaccurate.FIrst they divide the human beings into classes and then into sub-classes thinking as if they are good at biology.Then they try to divide the love even.Tastes are of different types.But the enjoy obtained after taste is of the same type in every case.Similarly,persons are different,but the love given to them is also of same type.But the ignorance prevails everywhere.So if they divide love I do not agree.
When it is said to them very hot situations are arrived at.But as we know "let the evil die and we enjoy".So,we shuld learn a lessons that a relationship is true only if there is some love in it.Stronger the love greater the strength of relationship.Any Chemist can understand it.