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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Don't become too much unconscious during the sleep

I know that the sleep is a state where one's brain is very unconscious.It can't here anything.It can't smell anything.No sort of sensation seems to enter during this stage.This quite happy and pleasure gving situation.But it can be disastrous too.How?I had to give exam early in the morning.I set my alrm at 4:00 A.M.The alarm rang.But I did not hear.The alarm rang for nearly more than one minute.But I couldn't hear anything.I did not even know if the alarm gave even the lowest sound.But my family members wake up due to the noise.Luckily they awakened me.I got up.And I gave the exam.

Similar situation is with some other persons.I saw a man was sleeping in the dark room.The alarm was singing.Two or three persons were trying to awken him.But they did very daunting task.So,it can be very dangerous to our sleep.If our brain completely becomes unconscious we will never wake up even if we are alive.It can be said to be something like a coma.In fact,a coma is the most unconsciuos state known to the scientists.In coma,an individual can spend as many days,as many motns or years as psosible which finally leads to the death.Because of no ingredient taken into the body.

Most of the animals do not become as unconsciousness as we become.A dog wakes up suddenly by hearing very low sounds.So do not become completely unconscious while sleep.But give mind and body full rest.

"Suppose your are in a very uncoscious sleep,some men enter into your home.You are unaware.ANd next can happen anything.I read in newspaper that 1 lakh rupees were stolen from the home even when the members were inside at night".

But do not make tenstions in your mind about these things.Smile,lie on the bed and have sweet dreams.

It is most widely accepted

It is most widely accepted that dreaming sleep is more good.When it was experimented scientists found that people who had dreaming sleep were able to recall more easily than those who took dreamless sleep.Because in dreams we repeat what we did in the day.

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Vinay Arya