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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्



By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

I trust in Param Pita Parmatma and go about doing my duty. I discharge my duty to family, fellow residents in the locality, to my nation and finally to the humanity. Who guides me to have faith in the FAITH that I believe in? The VEDAS. I read aloud the Mantras or hymns, try to understand their import, take the help of VED BHASHYA or commentary on the Mantras written by various Vedic scholars. The Ved mantras help me in cementing my trust in ISHWAR. I never waver, come what may.
As a true AASTIK, I find that my confidence in myself never wavers, not even in the stormy phase of life. I am able to weather the worst of man-made storms and the ones that occur in the natural process. When the going is tough, the tough get going - that sentence toughens a man or a woman to bear the burden of bad days. Where does this additional energy or OORJA Divine come from? An AASTIK gets it when he goes into meditation or recites a Vedic hymn or sings a Bhajan and is fully absorbed in this godly activity. Then the man in distress gets the AADHYATMIK SHAKTI from own self that is in a state of complete SAMARPAN to his Maker. This resignation of own desire to the will of the Supreme Being is an act of a true AASTIK.
ISHWAR comes to the rescue of the true Aastik without letting the latter know about it. ISHWAR is indeed Nirakar - without an embodiment - and yet is Omnipresent. An Aastik realises the presence of Ishwar around him as the two are in communion. There is no physical contact and yet there is nearness that an Aastik feels with the Almighty.
Why is it that some Atmas or souls have a direct communication with the Supreme Being or Parmatma? Well, when the Aatma is on the same wave length as Parmatma, a direct link is established and this is divine communication. Of course, this happens in the case of that soul which is AASTIK in the true sense of the word. A mere show of being an Aastik leads the soul to nowhere. A complete faith in Ishwar and a total resignation to His will make a man true Aastik.
Many a time the words Aastik or Naastik are used in relation to the divine knowledge passed on by Ishwar to the Rishis and the knowledge is known as the VEDAS. In later periods of the human history there came into existence some other schools of thought that criticized the Vedas adversely and had no faith in the Aadhyatmic efficacy of reciting the Mantras or meditating on them. The original Vedic School of Thought that had full faith in the Ved mantras called the new school and its devotees as NAASTIK. It amounted to calling them names or using abusive language to castigate them. The sentence used was:
Those who think or talk against the Vedas are as bad as non-believers in the existence of Param Pita Parmatma.
Arriving at a final finish point, one may say that getting involved into the dispute of defining an Aastik or a Naastik would not be fruitful. Having sown seeds of a meaningful life where one has entertained the good of Mankind and kept one’s self dedicated to the teachings of Ishwar communicated through the Ved mantras,one would earn the acclaim of being an AASTIK.

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