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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Direct Cognizance of God

Namaste Aryagans In this article i will describe Direct Cognizance(Pratyaksh Praman) of God. There are two things Jada(unconscious) and Chetan(conscious) in this universe. Matter/Prakriti is unconscious . God/Parmatma is conscious. Direct Cognizance of God is done through observing sign of special creation of universe . Matter/Prakriti being unconscious does not have Knowledge to create this universe. Only conscious thing- God have knowledge to create this universe. lets take example of a pot. How to make a pot ? To make a pot you need materials to create pot , you need time , space , machine to create pot and a conscious pot maker etc. This universe is same as pot . This universe is created by a Conscious entity named God. God is realized in Heart of a yogi when he makes his heart pure.
Thanks Basant 'Viveki'