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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्


By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

Narendra Modi stands anointed as the Prime Minister in waiting and is charged with the onerous responsibility of leading the Bhartiya Janata Party to victory winning the 2014 elections with a thumping majority. The task may be difficult but not impossible for a man like Narendra Modi.
Narendra Modi has the same Determination to win the electoral battle that Yogeshwar Shri Krishna had counseled Arjun to have to win the battle of Mahabharat. “Yudhai krit Nishchayah”- was the advice that Shri Krishna gave to the ace archer who had lost his nerves. Fight the battle with strong determination is Shri Krishna’s advice to Narendra Modi through Bhagvad Gita. The ensuing electoral battle of 2014 will be as fierce as was the Mahabharat. Now too it is a question of Do or Die for the BJP and the forces of Hindutva in Bharat.
Narendra Modi is vivacious, a go-getter, a high achiever, indefatigable and never says Die – come rain come shine. Narendra Bhai has resilience and grit to face heavy odds and emerge a winner. One will recall that Sonia Gandhi and her zing-bang had thrown all their might to defeat Narendra Modi in the assembly elections in Gujarat but had to bite the dust when Narendra Modi emerged victorious with a thumping majority. Sonia Gandhi had tried to hit him below the belt by calling him a “Maut Ka Saudagar”, that is a Merchant of Death but that boomeranged on her and her Congress party and their tally at the hustings was as poor as poor could be. Narendra Modi led BJP won the Assembly elections hands down three times consecutively.
Narendra Modi has carried the common man with him in Gujarat and now in the whole of India. An impartial observer will assess his popularity with the Common Manwith the spontaneous jubilation that was seen across the country when the news broke that Narendra Modi would be the Prime Ministerial candidate of the BJP at the 2014 elections. All sections of the society shared the good news by offering sweets to one and all.
Of course there was an eerie silence at 24, Akbar Road, the Congress party headquarters. That century old party calls itself secular but plays communal cards to wrest power or to remain in power. It is the Congress that seeks alliance with the morbidly communal party, Muslim League in Kerala and elsewhere. It is the Congress party nominated Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh who announced that” Muslims have the first right to partake of the national wealth” and it is the Congress led government that keeps on promoting Urdu language and Urdu channel on the National TV even if there are no watchers and no takers. The Congress party has been over-playing the Muslim card and thereby alienating the Hindus who form 82 to 85 percent of India’s population. What a myopic policy the myopic leaders of the Congress party have been following to their own detriment.
Narendra Modi was adversely encircled by the pseudo secularists led by the moribund political parties who kept on misrepresenting facts and figures to malign Modi about massacre of Muslims in 2002 in Gujarat but they did not have a word of sympathy for the innocent Hindus burnty alive by the Muslim hoodlums at the Godhara railway station. This blatant partisan attitude of the said political parties and their dynastic leaders is going to cost them dearly in the 2014 elections, Narendra Modi faced the frontal attack of those pseudo-secular political parties bravely and counter-attacked them like a good tactician defeating them decisively.
The arm chair political analysts are bereft of practical experience and know nothing of the ground realities. One of them is Sudheendra Kulkarni who took cudgels with the BJP stalwarts who were promoting Narendra Modi for the coveted post of Prime Minister. This gentleman is an ex-aide of Advani Ji and belatedly was canvassing for his ex-boss. He is the same failed analyst who wrote the script of Advani Ji wherein the former Deputy Prime Minister gave a certificate of secularism to Jinnah after visiting his mausoleum in Karachi. On top of that Advani Ji described the fall of the disputed structure at Ayodhya as the saddest day of his life. Thanks to Kulkarni, the speech writer, Advani Ji fell many notches in the eye of nationalist Indians and the Rahtriya Swyam Sewak Sangh. How sad!
But for Advani Ji, who has bad advisors, none opposed the elevation of Narendra Modi to the august position in the BJP. It was magnanimous of Narendra Modi to have gone to the residence of Advani Ji at 30, Prithviraj Road to seek his blessings. The two leaders exchanged pleasantries and Narendra Modi gave Advani Ji due respect that the Patriarch of the Party deserves. It would bring glory to the Patriarch of the BJP to play the role of Pitamah and leave the day-to-day affairs to the new generation of leadership of the BJP. The generational change is there. Everyone should read the writing on the wall.
The same lazy analysts call Narendra Modi a Divisive Man. They are blind to the realities on the ground. They should go to Gujarat and see the Inclusive growth that has benefitted one and all. Some hate mongers say that the minorities are not with Narendra Modi. Just go to the Punjab and see the support for Modi among the Sikh community. Are they not one of the minorities of India? The Shiromani Akali Dal, the ruling party of the Punjab, has endorsed the anointment of Narendra Modi as the Prime Ministerial candidate of the BJP and the NDA, I am constrained to say that those who pamper Muslims and goad them to go into a riot are the dividers of this country; the Muslim Leaguers masquerading as secular politicians. There are many minorities in India and the opinion of all of them counts.
Journalists have to earn their daily bread. It is by reporting news. What is News? When dog bites man, it is no news. But when the man bites a dog, it is News. The average journalists look for the news that is sensational and the readers would like to read. But for Advani, all leaders of the BJP have endorsed whole heartedly elevation of Narendra Modi to the top job. So, where is the rift? Some anti-BJP scribes lok for a crisis in the BJP where none exists. They use both the telescope and the microscope to look for a Divide in the BJP. Alas! They fail to find one but write about a non-existent one to earn their daily bread and find favour with the left-oriented editor. Let us leave then at that so that they make a deal for the “Paid News” What a fall in the realm of journalism?
Narendra Modi is a common man and a man of the masses. He was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth unlike that 42-year old Abodh Balak who loves to leave India for one of the western countries to celebrate his birthday. The AAM AADAMI of India today knows who is his real benefactor – the one who suffered from pangs of hunger or the one who knows not what hunger is. Well the battle lines are drawn and the moment bugle is sounded, the archers and lancers, both cavalry and infantry will go in for a gallop charge. The battle hardened general, who has been winning elections term after term, will WIN again.
May ISHWAR be with those who wage war for righteousness. It is a Dharm Yudh were the Dharm will win. Yogeshwar Shri Krishna said :
“ yato dharmas tato jayah” those who are on the path of Dharma, they will WIN THE LAURELS.

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