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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Pujya VASHI MANT sharma ji's view about a so called Sanyasi

Namaste Aryagana, In this article i will expose what
Vashi Mant (IIT BOMBAY Energy Scientist and Vedic
Scholar) co-partner of Jan Swabhiman Andolan and
member of Agniveer, believes about sanyasi named
Swami vivekanand parivrajak of Rojad and others. In
2011 a Sanyasi named Swami Vivekanand Parivrajak
started asking me to take Sanyas many many times.
Finally i have to ask him about Samadhi. i was an IITJEE
Student that time. And i was doing Yog Sadhna as
mentioned in Yog Darshan. When Swami Vivekanand
Parivrajak asked me to take Sanyas many many times, i
was wondering why he was telling me to take Sanyas at
that time. I questioned him that Is it not necessary to
read all the four Vedas ? He answered that for Samadhi,
reading Vedas are not necessary. He said that Vedas
contain Satya Vidyas and Satya Vidyas are not necessary
for Samadhi. You can attain Samadhi only through
spiritual knowledge. He said Vedic Karmas are not
necessary for Samadhi. I told him that i have acquired
Samadhi. He told that No ! you have not acquired
Samadhi , you do not even know what is Vairagya . Thus
Swami Vivekanand parivrajak tried all his mind to
psychologically attract me to ask him about vairagya. I
don't know why he was very worried about me to give
me sanyas and make me ask him about Vairagya. Finally
when he was resisting me too much then i asked
whether Gautam Buddha was Vairagyawan according to
Yog Darshan of Patanjali or not ? He personally
messaged me in Facebook. and answered that Gautam
buddha's Vairagya was true. He came near Apar-
Vairagya. But because of not exercising Par-Vairagya
correctly, he don't came to god. After this statement I
thought that Gautam buddha did not believe in God/
Ishwar. and he didn't study the vedas. So what should
be his Vairagya? I thought that Gautam buddha's
Vairagya is Sorrows generated from Bhogas/materialism
and sensuality. So in order to achieve Direct Cognizance
of god as he told me to achieve Moksha , I emulated his
materialistic vairagya. and tried to do Direct Cognizance
of god. My Mind went full of sorrows. This Sansara was
looking full of absolute sorrows to me. My Brain got
Stuck at his Samadhi state. I didn't know what to do. i
mailed Swami Vivekanand Parivrajak about the situation
but instead of Helping me, he started humiliating me !
and told me very harsh words that is very hard to forget.
For example he told me - " knowing your whole history
reveals that your intellect is corrupted ! You do not
understand anything ! Never mail me in future! " i tried
to be humble to him but he was very angry on me. i said
sorry to him but he misused my humble words and again
humiliated me. i messaged him in Facebook but he again
humiliated me. I felt intense bewilderment for many
days. because he told me to take sanyas and i didn't
know whether i was having vairagya or not ? Finally i
called Vashi Mant of Agniveer team. I told him that
swami vivekanand of rojad is telling me to take sanyas.
Vashi Mant ji asked me few questions and then told me
that Vivekanand Parivrajak of rojad is fraud and crooked.
He told me that he(vashi mant) also went to him . his
(vivekanand's) saying that i have read yog darshan 150
times etc proves him to be stupid and fraud. Vashi Mant
Ji also said to me that his(vivekanand's) saying that it's
mother's karma to serve us not ours , proves vivekanand
to be fraud. Mother make us from blood and it's our duty
to serve her. i asked what about other sanyasis ? Vashi
Mant ji said that their saying that "i have attained this
state" "i have attained that state" (proves them to be
fraud) . Vashi mant ji said to me that follow your
mother's advice . Finally i got little satisfaction.