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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Disgusting behavior of Swami Vivekanand Parivrajak of Rojad caused a person to become Schizophrenic.

Namaste Aryagans,
In this article i will expose the disgusting misbehavior of a so called Sanyasi of Arya Samaj. in 2011 a sanyasi named swami Vivekanand parivrajak started pestering me to take sannyas. i was IITJEE student that time. and i was doing and High level Yog Sadhna. He lied me about Samadhi Sanyas and mukti and told me to emulate fake vairagya. after emulation he started humiliating me . HE EMOTIONALLY ABUSED ME WHICH MADE ME SUFFER SCHIZOPHRENIA which is the most devastating disease of humanity. I have to do MRI(Magnetic Resonance Imaging) SCAN of my brain. And according to my Doctor vivekanand's behavior has caused loss of Grey Matter in Brain. This is very devastating condition in which a person loses touch with reality. i have suffered from Negative Symptoms of schizophrenia with disorganization. i can not explain how big loss i had to face. I LOST MY IIT STUDIES , ENGINEERING STUDIES etc. i am still suffering from this disease. and i even have to question the existence of god. now it is hard for me to believe in god. i tried to get justice from agniveer but they didn't help me. i feel totally helpless confused and devastated. i felt like there is nobody in the world who can help me ! Even the allopathic drugs didn't help me. i suffered extreme bewilderment for two years . I feel like i have been raped or something worse. I HAVE TO GIVE UP MANY OF MY DREAMS INCLUDING HIGHER STUDIES FOR ACQUIRING KNOWLEDGE OF VEDAS. I can never forget how badly he behaved with me. i never forget his bad words like- "Knowing your whole history reveals that your intellect is corrupt ! Never mail me in future" and many more. I never imagined even in my dreams that a sanyasi can misbehave with me to such extent. Now question arises that where is Dayanand principles ? is this what mentioned in our holy shastras ? is this what mentioned in Vedas ? That sanyasi even misused my humbleness and emotionally abused me again and again. And i as a young aspirant of mukti and devotee of God tolerated all his humiliation and emotional abuse.
The following things have been changed within me-
1. Loss of Grey matter in the brain caused Negative symptoms of schizophrenia.
2. Habit of How i eat food is damaged.
3. How i drink water is damaged.
4. How i think is damaged. i was/am unable to think clearly.
5. How i speak is damaged. Disorganized schizophrenia symptoms are present within me.
6. I felt Lack of Motivation.
7. My self esteem is damaged. i suffered from No self esteem. i tried to get self esteem articles from internet but nothing worked.
8. i suffered from hopelessness.
9. I used to cry .
10. i tried to talk with god as an emergency. but no one replied.
11. I suffered from Depression.
12. i behaved like a child as i am patient of schizophrenia.
My each and everything got serious including my nature and memory!
I don't know what to do.
-Aarya Basant
Student of Maths.