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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Allopathy Vs Ayurveda for cure for schizophrenia.

Side effects of allopathic pills that i have personally
Risperidone- Feeling like coma , Bad scary dreams, can't
wake up normally, ear problems , gaining appetite, bad
eating habits, feeling oppressed all the time, low energy
all the time.
Triper- feeling like coma, ear problems, low energy,
nightfall. bad dreams.
Levosulpiride- Nightfall, unable to wake up normally, bad
Amisulpiride- feeling strange.
Meltolan- Benumbed body, feeling oppressed.
Side effects of Ayurvedic medicines-
Patanjali Chyavanprash- nil
Saraswatarishta- nil
Medhavati- (i haven't taken this pill much) nil.
Cost of Allopathic medicines-
1000 rupees per month. = 36000 rupees in 3 years.
Cost of Ayurvedic Medicines-
One month doses-
Saraswatarishta- 85 rupees
Patanjali Chyavanprash- 115 rupees
Divya Medhavati- 80 rupees (i haven't took this pill
Total- 280 rupees
Effects of Allopathic medicines-
I am not even had a controlled state . i committed suicide
once by jumping in river and i run outside my house into
roads to perform accident.
Effects of Ayurvedic Medicines-
Within two days i came into controlled state. and in in
two months i am cured from schizophrenia.