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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

bizarre behaviour of congressmen defies self improvement

By Brigadier(Retd) Chitranjan Sawant,VSM
The writing is n the wall. It reads that the corrupt Congress led UPA government is on its way out. Those in power now have gone berserk. They are unable to take the bitter pill of commonality. They just cannot digest the concept that they would be moving out of big bungalows of Lutyen’s New Delhi and fend for themselves thereafter. They are in a mighty hurry to pass the last few orders on file before they demit office. In the mad rush to provide for their party henchmen all kinds of decisions are being made to protect the corrupt. Who cares for the country?
Bizarre leads to bizarre. An old man in late sixties is in love with a woman in early forties. The rumour had been doing rounds for many weeks before it made news and led to public confession by the old man. Thanks to the Social Media
, bête noir of big bosses like Sonia, Rahul, Shinde, Diggy, Mian Patel and a legion of them, the AAM AADAMI ( not to be mixed up with flop show political outfit currently called buffoons in Varanasi), now everyone knows that Love is in the air and both Digvijay Singh and journo Amrita Rai are inhaling it together.
Is there anything wrong with it? None, my lord, none. The place where Diggy Raja slipped up was when he denied existence of any romance concerning the “madly in love unmarried couple” . Lo and behold! Within twentyfour hours of denial he did a volte face, Not uncommon among Congress leaders, and admitted coyly that “ he was in relationship with Amrita Rai..”.
Meenakshi Lekhi, the BJP spokesperson was on her feet lambasting the close aide of mother-son duo of the century plus old political party, of preaching Morality but not practicing it” Here is a widower romancing a married woman more than 29 years junior to him. “ Those who preach lessons of morality should first look within themselves to see if they are practicing what they are preaching to others” added Meenakshi Lekhi.
The Gandhi family has not yet run to Digvijay Singh’s rescue and save the man drowing in his own tears for accepting ashamedly what he had been denying from house tops. One may wonder why the old fox had a change of heart? Well, it is the wily social media that taught a lesson to the big mouth of the Congress party. The intimate pictures of the old man with the young girl went viral on the Internet. Nothing was left for the man in late sixties to be denied.
Chief of the Army Staff is a widely respected man. He is Number One among the uniformed men and women who are ready to make the supreme sacrifice for the cause of the country. Nation Comes First – that is the motto of an army man of all ranks, Jawan to General. Unfortunately the Congress led UPA has been tinkering with the morale of the Army by patronizing favourites and tinkering with the seniority structure in selecting the Chief. They did it with the Indian Navy recently and reportedly are planning to promote a trustworthy officer loyal to the Congress bosses to the rank of a four star general.
Generally speaking a new name for the post of Chief of the Army Staff is announced two months prior to the current incumbent demitting office. So, why this indecent hurry now? Well, the party in power has lost the electoral battle in mind and wish to appoint the new Chief before losing the battle on ground. Is it ethical? Who cares for Ethics when every minister in power now works for himself and then for his party.
Let us recall how Krishna Menon, the Defence Minister in the Nehru cabinet had fractured the rank structure and concept of loyalty in the Indian Army. What was the result? India suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Chinese PLA and Krishna Menon had to resign. Nehru escaped losing his post by the skin of his teeth but lost his life after suffering a stroke post India- China war.
The Congress led UPA government has not bought any armament worth the name in its ten year misrule. Bofors gun was bought a quarter of a century ago and the artillery of other countries, especially China, have made tremendous progress in all domains of armaments on ground, in air and on high seas. Why is India lagging behind and is unprepared to go to war with the known and sworn enemies across the borders. Corruption has eaten into the vitals of the Nation and the Black Money thus gathered by the corrupt Indian politicians has been stashed into foreign banks illegally. So, where is the money to modernize the Indian Armed Forces? AK Antony, with the blessings of Sonia Gandhi and the “Accidental Prime Minister” will put in Chief’s chair a man who won’t question the wrong doings of the present government. Disgraceful show Indeed.
The Congress led UPA government has just one-point programme. Prevent Narendra Modi from becoming Prime Minister of India. The Congress government has lost legal battles against Modi in all courts of law, including the Apex Court, and has now activated its dirty tricks department to fix the arch rival by hook or crook. Kapil Sibal has now got an opportunity to prove that he is more loyal than the king, read Queen in this case. He has mounted the last arrow in his quiver on the bow. He says that the judge to investigate the Snoopgate will be appointed before 16 May 2014. Please note the date. It is on 16 May 14 that the results of the nine-round elections to the Lok Sabha will be announced. Thereafter all illegal orders of the present corrupt government, of which Kapil Sibal is a part, will be torn and thrown into the waste paper basket. When the entire government is at a loss to decide what to do and what not to do, Kapil Sibal is sitting on his hobby horse of Prosecution in the merry go-round. Alas! There is little to make merry. There will be a lot for him and his cohorts to mourn for. Our condolences for the fallen fellows.
A word for the meek Manmohan before I sign off. He will do a good turn to his friends in Pakistan by briefing them about the change in government in New Delhi. He should advise them NOT to follow old policy of sabre rattling as the new government knows the idiom “ Eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth”. The new government will be based on the Vedic principle of using VAJRA for an enemy who harbours ill will for BHARAT.

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