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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

My Near Death Experience and existence of soul.

Namaste All,
In this article i will explain my Near Death Experience(NDE). As you know i am patient of Negative symptoms of schizophrenia+disorganization since 2011. This disease is caused by heart breaking loss of my earned Samadhi. A fake Sanyasi in Arya samaj named vivekanand parivrajak of Darshanyog mahavidyalaya Rojad lied me about Samadhi, Sanyas and Mukti which caused Dopaminergic chemical imbalance in my brain. He also emotionally abused me and behaved very badly which caused loss of Gray Matter in my brain. Since then i suffered very bad. My disease became worse and worse by time. I mailed other scholars and I got little relief by knowing that i was cheated by that swami. My few delusions were relieved. But still damage was severe. Earlier I went to Jabalpur for meeting Psychiatrist. He gave me medications for treating my schizophrenia. All those pills had many side effects. In which Risperidone had the highest side effects. My disease was not cured so i changed my Psychiatrist. But he also conformed me that i have schizophrenia. He also gave me Risperidone , Levosulpride and other pills. All these pills have very bad side effects. I felt very bad. 2011, 2012, 2013 all these years passed like a day because my conditions were same. I still had Negative symptoms and disorganized schizophrenia. I was very sensitive to criticism and any loud sound. I felt bewilderment and disorganization all the time. For example when Sanjeev Newar posted in this forum against me - "it is pity that you forget your own promise. Had you developed capability to take responsibility in your own life , you could have extracted meaning out of swami jis teachings" after reading this post i got more depressed and even my left shoulder got wounded internally for months and i was unable to sleep because of pain in my left shoulder. Every offensive comment against me caused deep emotional and physical pain in my body. Arunkumar aryaveer, Sanjeev newar and few other had abused me in this forums which worsen my symptoms. Doctor advised us to take MRI SCAN of my brain. MRI SCAN showed decrease of Gray Matter in prefrontal cortex of my brain. During treatment of anti psychotics i suffered many bad side effects . For example i suffered coma-like situation every morning. I was unable to wake up. I felt as if my consciousness and body had disjointed. I felt as if my 'soul' has no control over my brain and body. I also felt one time that my soul is dead and it went out of my body. Then i suffered bewilderment and negativity. Then i ate some fruits and medicines then "my soul came back". Yes i am saying this that my "soul" was dead. In morning i was unable to figure out what was happening to my consciousness. I felt Near Death Experience a couple of times in morning.
During my Near Death Experience i realized that the "soul" or consciousness can be damaged and get weak contrary to Bhagavad geeta's belief that soul can't be dead or damaged. I got Pratyaksh Praman that "soul" can be damaged or dead. After taking medicines my "soul" 'reawakened' and slowly slowly it got normal.

Thank for reading
Former IITJEE student
Former Ritambhara Prajyawaan