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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्


BY Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

Become Human Beings, so exhorts a Ved mantra. For the sake of reference and reading the Ved mantra in original, we may open the relevant leaf and meditate on the sixth mantra, fiftythird sukta, tenth Mandala of the Rigved. The question arises that we are all members of the human race and, therefore, are human beings, irrespective of outward differences in colour, shape, size, facial looks or mental makeup, so why are we being told MANURBHAV. Indeed it is so. However, Man is known for his faculty of Manan or meditation on a point of importance before taking an important step forward or backward, up or down. So, to be a manansheel Man, one has to cultivate some faculties to improve the good, acquire the Noble, forsake the bad and discard the Evil. Thus cultivating the decision making faculties and ability to differentiate between the Noble and the Evil will make such individuals stand apart as Manansheel Human beings. That is indeed what the Ved mantra enjoins on us when it says Manurbhav.
The word Surya denotes the Almighty as well as the Surya devta that gives us Light, warmth, brings cheer to the dark and gloomy side of the Creation. Indeed the primary source of inspiration, Light, cheer, knowledge is Ishwar Himself. The secondary source of Prakash to remove Andhkar , banish gloom and bring in cheer in our life is the Surya devta. The concerned Ved mantra enjoins on us to emulate the quality of Surya to enlighten the dark areas among others and thus bring cheer to them. When the gloomy become cheerful, they are attracted to the source of inspiration that brought about this cheerful change. Thus the Man who obeyed the mantra, meditated on it, practiced it, ipso facto, becomes a source of attraction for those whose lives he has changed for the better. Thus a DO_GOODER has taken a step forward in the direction of the Good Man as stipulated in the dictum, MANURBHAV.
What is the modus operandi of becoming a do-gooder? Well, to start with, chart out a course of action in your own mind. Follow your own plan and move forward towards the objective. There will, of course, be obstacles on the charted path. Please remember, obstacles are there to be surmounted, barriers are there to be crossed over. The aim must be uppermost in mind and deviations are not permitted. So, a man who runs the obstacle course successfully, crosses all barriers is bound to reach the objective and achieve the aim.
To keep the disappointment resulting from temporary setbacks at bay, Determination is required to guide the struggling man all the way. Examples from pages of history shine like beacon lights and guide us in rough and choppy waters. Wasn’t Arjuna, the great archer and commander-in-chief of the Pandava army so terrified at the beginning of the battle that he abandoned his personal weapons including the Gandiv dhanush and was on the verge of becoming a deserter from his own kith and kin. At that crucial stage, Yogeshwar Shri Krishna resorted to successful counseling of the distressed mind and brought him back to the state of mind where he was once again ready to join battle against a numerically superior foe, the Kauravas. Yogeshwar Shri Krishna drummed into Arjuna’s ears that the only course open to him was to fight and Fight with Determination. Arjuna precisely did that and won laurels.
Yogeshwar Shri Krishna had played the role of a motivator successfully and become a centre of attraction for one and all following the Vedic dictum Manurbhav.
Since time immemorial our ancestors have been building healthy traditions as enjoined on them by the Vedic Dharm. Our forefathers have been trailblazers. They not only discovered the navigable lines in the uncharted seas but also lighted the dark areas for convenient passage of cart trains, ships on high seas and left a legacy for us that we have been enjoying generation after generation. The forbears taught us to enlighten our minds, remove grey areas and be clear headed. They also led us on the path of glory and also exhorted us to pass on the Torch of Knowledge to the next generation. The glorious tradition has to be kept alive so that the divine knowledge is not lost because of our inactivity, lethargy or lack of interest in preserving our heritage.
The Vaidik Dharm also encourages its followers to be innovative. Go for new inventions, discover new lands, attract different people from far off lands to become members of the large family of Vaidik Dharmis. Vedas are all inclusive and show the path of enlightenment to one and all. There is no sectarianism among the preachers and followers of the Vedas. Nevertheless, the Ved mantras should be written about, spoken of and the Vaidik Dharm has to be presented to the non-believers in a form that the new people are attracted to it. Thus our Vaidik Dharm will have a large following and when the number of men and women grows larger and larger day by day, that indeed will provide a protective umbrella to all of us.
It is our sacred duty to ensure that the enlightenment given to us by our forebears is not extinguished by our adversaries or forces inimical to us. Our forefathers have lighted lamps to banish darkness. It is incumbent on us to see that the lamp of knowledge is not extinguished. Spread of darkness must be prevented at all costs. We should be prepared to lay down our lives, if need be, to ensure that enlightenment does not give way to total darkness. The dark ages, mental or physical, must not make an appearance again in the realm of the Vedas.
The armed forces of our country and those of our friendly countries should be modernized. That is the only way to preserve, protect and defend our Heritage and not let it be swallowed by semi-cultured people of invading countries. History records that when a nation pays scant attention to its armed might, it results in both physical and mental degeneration leading to a total collapse of even most prosperous empires. Ved mantra referred to above says that we must not let darkness envelop our already lighted minds, pathways, homes and hearth, manufacturing units, armed forces and our strategic thinking. It is a lighted outfit that makes progress; it is a unit enveloped in darkness that falls into an abyss. It does not see light of the day again.
TAMASO MA JYOTIRGAMAY – lead us o Ishwar from darkness unto light.
Of course, the El Dorado does not make an appearance on its own. An individual has to strive for it at his or her level to make the members of the family happy and experience joys of a state of blessedness. KARM is the key that opens the door to Bliss. If my Karma is good, I shall reap a good harvest. On the contrary if my Karma is bad, the question of reaping a good harvest will never arise. One who has understood the philosophy of Karm and Karmphal will see that whatever he does or does not do, the Karm or the Akarm is bound to give the resultant phal. No wonder the saying given below explains the philosophy of Karm and Karmphal beautifully well. It says:
It is crystal clear that if I have planted a Babul tree, It would be foolish to expect a good harvest of mangoes out of it. In Hindi the saying goes thus:
Boya ped babul ka aam kahan se khai
The mantra says that our Karma should be such that the resultant product is SUKH, NEVER DUKH.
The aforesaid Ved mantra talks about both the present generation that will be a result of dictum of MANURBHAV but also about the generations to come. An enlightened Vaidik man or woman cares as much for others as for self, cares as much about the present generation but also for many generations to come hereafter. VEDAS ARE FOR ONE AND ALL. VEDAS ARE FOR HUMAN BEINGS SINCE THE CREATION. VEDAS ARE FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS TOO.
So the last part of the said Ved mantra says:
An enlightened human beings takes recourse to ways and means that the coming generations of human beings not only learn the mantras, meditate on them but also become vaidik dharmis to follow the Vedic Commandments for ever, come rain come shine. On becoming a humane human being as per the dictum MANURBHAV, the enlightened ones take effective steps to procreate and give birth to such boys and girls who follow the Ved Marg for ever and ever. The Vedic injunction about giving birth to new generation is both physical and spiritual. Parents give birth to a baby in the physical sense as well as educational sense. After all parents are the first school where a baby is nurtured educationally too and the Acharya takes over thereafter. In the spiritual sense, the enlightened men and women bring up the new generation spiritually that the children grow up and become Vaidik adults.
Indeed that is what the Rigved mantra means when it enjoins on us MANURBHAV.

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We must induce Vedic culture

We must induce Vedic culture in home and send our children (Boys and girls) to Gurukul/DAV institutions for education.Parents should take responsibility to recite vedic Mantra with meanings everyday to expose unborn/born babies .
Presently, it looks that we all forget about the teaching of Maharishi Dayanand ji and only care about money.
How to come out of such situation where all are selfish ---Start with self is only solution