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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्


By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM
AUM AUM AUM - that indeed was the celestial sound that came out of the throats of Yoga practitioners gathered in thousands all over the world Timbuktu to Tian An Men and Time Square to Tatanagar, Yoga enthusiasts had gathered in droves at convenient central places to chant Om and Vedic mantras as part of public demonstration in a disciplined manner in over 135 countries all over the world. It was just Great.
One may recall that Pradhan Mantri Narendra Modi had urged the United Nations members in his address to observe 21st June every year commencing 2015 as the International Yoga Day in the interest of the Wellness of the human race. A resolution to that effect was moved by Bharat and co-sponsored by a large number of member countries and adopted unanimously by all member nations of the United Nations. Yoga went international thereafter. Notwithstanding the Indian origin of Maharishi Patanjali’s Ashtang Yoga, India never claimed intellectual property rights to this august form of pragmatic knowledge but dedicated it to the cause of health and happiness of Mankind.
Seeing pictures of Yogic asanas being performed by practitioners of Yoga all over the world one is highly impressed. Indeed India is the home of Yoga and there are numerous centres teaching Yoga to men and women of all ages. Even the pregnant women perform simple Yogic Asanas as the doctors say that it eases rigours of delivery of the baby.
As always Pradhan Mantri Narendra Modi has been leading the campaigne to make Yoga a mass movement. He leads from the front. Last year at the Rajpath that became the Yogpath, Narrendra Modi ji was present as one who performed Yoga. This year in 2016, he was at Chandigarh where he joined 30, 000 plus budding yogis and everything was hunky dory. In his address to the people present, he said that Yoga was not a part of any religion. Yoga is for one and all. Age is no bar either.
One new addition to the Yoga, a young woman was asked her opinion about asanas and which one did she like the most. Shavasana - that was her answer without a hitch. In this asana, one lies like a dead body and both the body and mind are perfectly relaxed. Eventually the soul will be a beneficiary.
As the Sun rose on the horizon at different times in different regions, Yoga practitioners unrolled their Yoga mats and chanted AUM to begin the Asanas. The sea beach near the world famous sea bridge and opera house in Sydney, Australia, Yoga commenced in the right earnest at the crack of dawn. The men and women were from all religions and there was no hesitation in chanting AUM. Some of them performed difficult asanas as if they were regular practitioners of Yoga.
Can one imagine the vastness of our universe when one finds Yoga practitioners doing asanas in earnest in Tian An Men square in Beijing China - also in the Times Square in New York, United States of America. Chanting of AUM is one without any reservation Their faith in efficacy of Yoga for their Wellness is to be seen to know its efficacy
It will be pertinent to mention that after Bharat China has the largest number of centres of Yoga Many Yogacharyas have been invite from Bharat to teach Yoga in various educational institutions an city centres They are happily living -working there
Yoga is a holistic approach to health an well being No woner the Prime Minister of Nepal himself was present with his compatriots in performing Yogic asanas Great show all over the Globe – a superb moment for YOGA
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