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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्


By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

When the Indian soldiers crossed the line of control in Jammu & Kashmir to deal a death blow to eight centres of terror operations and killed the enemy personnel besides destroying their terror dens, Pakistanis, both soldiers and civilians including their leadership were stunned. They remained numbed for days not knowing how to react. They had no way but to take recourse to falsehood and deny the said surgical strike by the Indian forces under the guidance of an able leadership, both civil and military.
The Indian leadership under Prime Minister Narendra Modi took another bold decision to demonetise the high value currency notes with immediate effect recently. It came as a bolt from the blue and stunned the corrupt political parties and their leaders in India as well as the Pakistan government sponsored printing and circulating the Fake Indian Currency Notes. Pakistan had been making an endeavour to destabilise the Indian economy and bleed the Indian soldiers by funding with the fake Indian currency notes. The previous governments in India knew about this but were too numbed to take an effective decision to countermand the nefarious designs of the enemy from across the western borders.
Pradhan Mantri Narendra Modi planned for months and struck at the root of corruption and terror funding with lightning speed by demonetising the high value currency notes in one stroke. The Bharat Sarkar did a commendable job of keeping the major operation of demonetising currency notes a Secret. Even the Banks were not kept in the loop lest the plan leaked and spoiled the game plan. It is understood that the high ranking ministers of the government of India who were called in for the last minute briefing on what was about to come as a stunning blow to corruption were kept engaged within the four walls of briefing room so that even the birds did not get a wind of what was going on. The Prime Minister took the nation into confidence and made a national broadcast. The Common Man was overjoyed but the black marketeers, political bigwigs sitting over a large amount of black money were caught with their pants down. They were so puzzled that they and did not know for over sixteen hours whether they were coming or going.
Indeed the common man did have some hardship to face in drawing new currency notes from banks when they reopened because the ATMs remained non-operational for want of technical upgradation/recaliberation and being tuned to disburse the new currency notes of the denomination of Rs 2,000 and Rs 500. Nevertheless the man in the streets braved the hardship cheerfully because it was all a part of the game to rid the country of cancerous black money. Of course, the self styled leaders of some political parties who had amassed a lot of black money were not only losing their sleep but also their cool. They took recourse to childish acts like lining up before some important bank ATMs to draw meagre amount of money. Never mind their travelling to the ATM in a luxurious car. Their aim was to get a photo opportunity to show that they cared for the common man. But the common man knew that it was a mere stratagem to line up opposition forces to counter the bold move of the Modi government. Indeed the IQ of Man in the Street is higher than these leaders who were born with a silver spoon in the mouth and never faced the rough and tumble of a real struggle for uplift of the common man. Consequently, coming together of some political leaders holding large amounts of black money to surround Narendra Modi in a Kaurav-like Chakravyuh is bound to be smashed. Their nefarious designs cannot but end in a fiasco.
In my opinion the Government of India should now take emergent measures to ameliorate the financial hardships of the common man. The accessibility of bank doors and ATMs to the have-not sections of the society should be restored forthwith. It is quite understandable that the Banks were not kept in the loop when decision to demonetise the high value currency notes was made because maintaining Secrecy of the Surgical Strike plan at that time was of paramount importance. Taking more and more departments and employees in the loop would have broken the secrecy ring and jeopardised the entire game plan. The government of India would have become a laughing stock. The patriotic citizens know the intricacies and are with the Modi Sarkar despite the economic hardships that they have to bear.
Who is pained by the Economic Surgical Strike? Of course, those political parties who had made plans to buy votes with the black money that they possess. They are the ones who need to swallow sleeping pills as sleep is evading them. The poor man in whose name the discredited political leaders are planning to launch multi-pronged attack is not losing sleep. He needs no pills to pop in. The hullabaloo going on across the political spectrum is a creation of an imaginary and unreal picture of the Indian social order. The political leaders who had been having a good time at the cost of the common man are going to lose at the hustings and fall flat on the street are the ones making much ado about nothing.
The fake leaders of the Kashmir valley in J&K now find it difficult to hire ruffians to pelt stones at the security forces. It seems that all is quiet on the western front for the time being. Incidence of terror acts have registered a noticeable fall because fake currency notes are now not available to pay them Rs 500/- per day for causing nuisance by stone pelting. The military surgical strike carried out by India across the Line of Control into Pakistan occupied Kashmir has broken the back of terror leaders there. With President-elect Donald Trump gaining ascendancy in the political firmament of the New World, hopes of Islamic terror master minds are dashed to shreds of paper. They do not know where to look for to get sustenance in the form of cash and armaments.
The illegal printing presses operated by the Government of Pakistan in Karachi and Peshawar are on the verge of downing their shutters because there is no market left for their products in the form of Fake Indian Currency Notes. Both the sellers and buyers of FICNs will bid adieu to market of corruption funding terror sooner than later.
Pradhan Mantri Narendra Modi led BJP government deserves bouquets for the bold steps that they have taken to set the India House in order. Indeed, trouble makers who lost their clientele will make some ugly noises but will fail to find listeners to their words, leave alone action to create unrest in our Bharat. Traitors who had been having a field day so far may now have to beg the man in the street to lend his ears to their anti-India tirade. Traitors will be deeply disappointed.
TRUTH alone is victorious, not the falsehood.
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