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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्


By Brigadier(R) Chitranjan Sawant,VSM
27th April 2017, 4.45 AM, an Army post about 5 km from POK border is attacked by 4 terrorists clad in army like fatigues. Initially the attacking terrorists had the advantage of surprise and they killed three army men including a captain and seriously injured 5, two of them are in a critical condition, now admitted in the Army Hospital, Srinagar. The Army retaliated with vigour and killed two terrorists; 2 are still untraced. Moral of the story is that the well armed terrorists well trained by our all-time enemy Pakistan have, of late, been striking at will at a time and place of their own choosing. The Indian Army has been on the defensive all these years and naturally suffers from all the disadvantages that a defensive outfit is bound to be burdened with. Indeed it is unbecoming of a large army that the Indian Army is to let a Jehadi outfit gain the upper hand day after day. It is time the Indian Army taught the terrorists a lesson that would not be forgotten by their generations to come.


A fighting fit force like the Indian Army should have its morale sky high always every time. Among a number of factors that make an army upbeat and races its morale sky high is the knowledge among rank and file that they have the tactical superiority to beat the enemy hands down. The modern effective weapon system, freedom to fire weapons tactically as the situation demands and on orders of the unit or sub-unit commander leading them against the enemy, be it a
Regular force or a terror outfit, and support of both the people and the government of the day raises the morale of a soldier and the military outfit.
Do the soldiers have enough to eat and drink? If the stomach is reasonably full, the level of physical fitness will be appropriate to grapple with the enemy. “An Army marches on its stomach” said Napoleon Bonaparte and he was dead right. If a military unit feels that it is being fed rubbish, it would not have its heart in grappling with the enemy. Let the Army on borders be fed well and appropriately so that there are no videos on poor quality edibles going viral and lowering the morale of a unit. No amount of explanation will succeed in wiping out the stigma that a unit soldiers are being fed sub-standard diet that ill nourishes them. Arraigning a soldier who brings poor quality of daily meal to a unit commander, before a military court for trial and punishment will further lower the morale of his buddies. Human psychology should be understood and made use of by a unit commander who should try and not open the Manual of Military Law every now and then.
The political leaders of a province or a country should always say a word of Shabash to his military engaged in a mortal combat with a wily enemy like Pakistan. Let not a Peace Plan come in the way of raising the morale of soldiers. Peace Plan may enable a political party win an election but will push soldiers into abyss of moral defeat. Terrorists and stone- pelters who go unpunished lower the morale of a regular army unit. If the pseudo secularist and sham human rights pen pushers chastise a soldier for throwing a piece of stone back at a terror outfit, they are only boosting the morale of anti-India and pro-Pakistan terrorist outfit. Political leaders who advocate talks with Pakistan sympathisers and keep interests of separatist anti-India elements above national interests are not loyal to Bharat but traitors loyal to Pakistan. These fellows have a hidden strain of Islamist terror in their DNA and do not wish to see Bharat on the ascendancy.


The State and Central governments should jointly make a plan to subdue traitors and terrorists by force, if necessary. Peace proposals have been put forward many a time but have resulted in a naught. A cry for Peace may be raised but not at the cost of morale of the Indian Army. The Kashmir would have been a part of Pakistan but for the presence of the Indian Army there. Those who plan to lower the morale of the Indian soldiers by talking of unattainable Peace even if a soldier is humiliated by traitors, are surreptitiously working on an anti-India plan to lower the morale of the Indian Army.
If the Indian Army soldiers die in greater number than the pro-Pakistan terrorists in pre-dawn surprise attacks on army camps, it goes to prove that sinister designs by Pakistan and fellow travellers have been set in motion by traitors to wrest the Kashmir valley by hook or crook. What wily Pakistan failed to achieve by fighting four major wars against Bharat and losing all of them, it wishes to attain through surreptitious means. Pakistan may call it Jehad OR A HOLY WAR AGAINST India but it is nothing but a surreptitious tactical move to bleed India through a thousand cuts.


Pakistan has been carrying on anti-India propaganda in the Kashmir valley day in and day out. They do it in masjids and madarasas unbridled and unchecked. If prevented from launching such psy-wars, the Islamists cry their throats hoarse saying – Islam is in danger. The bogey has been effectively used by our sworn enemy Pakistan and their loyalist in the Kashmir valley for years. The Indian Tricolour was burnt by Pakistani elements in the presence of many a weakling chief minister many a time but no traitor was ever brought to book. A pro-Pakistan woman Andrabi has been fuelling pro-Pakistan propaganda, raising Paki flags and in some case ISIS flags, but was never brought before a court of law to face justice. It is now in the last week of April 17 that she has been arrested to face the music. The anti-national elements, irrespective of their rank and position in life, must be proceeded against as per law of the land.
India did launch a Surgical strike against Pakistan once and quite successfully. However, one swallow does not make the summer. Such surgical strikes should be order of the day even if they lead to a full fledged war. It is better to fight a war against Pakistan that trains and pushes Islamist terrorists into Bharat than suffer in silence and lose our brave soldiers to their cowardly stealth wars. If India inflicts severe damage in aerial strikes on Pakistan, the latter would think twice before training anti-India terrorists and pushing them into our domain.
I have a word of advice for the Media too. Please do not show pictures of smiling terrorists ready to wage war against your motherland. It serves the purpose of the wily enemy and certainly not ours. I know Media hungry for news from across the borders swallows anything and everything lock stock and barrel but it should pause and think of national interests too.


Well, let our strategic thinkers mull over many alternatives to teach Pakistan a lesson. If any plan, other than full fledged war, works, it would be fine. However, if mulish enemy keeps kicking and there is no option to a War, let it be so. In any case, Pakistan fought four wars against India since 1947 and lost all of them. Let Pakistan wage the Fifth war and lose it too.
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