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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Open Letter to Agnivesh - Clarifications seeked on behalf of Arya Samajees across the globe

Namaste Agniveshji

Arya Samajees across the world would like to seek your clarification on various contentious issues. I would summarize them as follows:

1. What is your stand on gay marriages? Why are you supporting the movement to legalize homosexual relations in India? Is it as per Arya Samaj ideology?

2. Your co-writer recently gave interview in newspapers claiming we all are migrants in this nation. Do you support this theory of Arya Invasion which Mr Thampu loves to propagate in his college. Incidentally your website also had the same theory for 5 years and withdrawn only after a lot of controversy.

3. Why are you so much in admiration of Prophet Muhammad to call him Prophet of entire world. Satyarth Prakash, Chapter 14 has used harshest language against Prophet for his lechery, paedophilia and other misdeeds.

4. Why do want deletion of portions of last 4 chapters of Satyarth Prakash? Many news available on net itself report such statements of yours in public forum.

5. You criticize so-called Hindu terrorism and RSS/VHP etc. But why you are not as vocal in expressing condemnation against Islamic terrorism and organizations like SIMI etc?

6. Why you are so fascinated by Mother Teresa despite her being a missionary working for conversions.

7. What makes you a fan of Sonia Gandhi to call her only light of hope of spirituality at end of dark tunnel? Did you forget chapetr 6 of Satyarth Prakash which talks of ministers being only from nation. Also do you approve of her promoting her son who openly moves along with a live-in partner from venezuela or someone. Did you ever criticize her or her son in public forum for such dubious character. Afteral Swami Dayanand laid greatest importance of personal character of rulers and claimed that such people as having dubious characters should and can never be made rulers.

8. When you are so much against VHP/RSS etc, why you give special favors to and do not publicly condemn people like Sh Anil Arya who openly hold rallies and participate in programs of RSS/ VHP inclduing Amarnath Sangharsh Samiti, Shiksha Bachao Andolan etc. Why such people are in your trusted group, if you are so against RSS/VHP/ Hindu forces etc.

Can you give a clear statement that Sh Anil Arya or any other person for that matter, found to be involved in any sort of joint activities with RSS/VHP or any other related Hindu force, will have nothing to do with you ever and you openly condemn them for working with Hindu terrorist organizations?

9. Why have you never criticized MF Hussain for his vulgar description of Bharat Mata and Hindu deities? Why you support that as freedom of expression? If that be so, why do you not publicly support Prophet Muhammad cartoon as freedom of expression.

10. Why your article states that your are proud that Tantric Sex is part of great Indian/Hindu culture

11. For years your website prominently showed your pictures bowing to Pope and Sonia Gandhi. Does that exemplify an Arya Sanyasi?

12. You joined hands with Mahesh Bhatt. Did you ever criticize him and Shabana Azmi etc for spreading so much of pornographic mess in name of entertainment? What made you partner with such people who blatantly flout the most basic of Arya principles - they earn through skin-shows.

13. Why you give anti-India lectures across the world focussing on dismal state that India is in. Please search for Agnivesh anti-Bharat in google and you would knowi what we are referring to?

14. As a Sanyasi, what prompts you to have a website by your own name that highlights your photos and name so brightly in all pages. Is not Sanyasi someone who is above such Aishnaas (urges for fame/money/lust)?

15. What stops you from calling Quran and Bible as texts harboring hatred and irrationality? You think not even twice before condemning HIndu fascism.

This is just a snapshot of large number of such contentious issues on which Arya Samajees across world seek your clarification.

I hope we will get unambiguous reply from you covering all these points.

I would request you to mark a copy at agniveer AT gmail DOT com as well in case mails bounce from the yahoogroups due to your non-membership in them.

The copy of this mail is being circulated across all leading forums of Arya Samaj across globe.


Date: 26 Nov 2008

I received feedback by

I received feedback by e-mail dtd. 4-Dec-2008 from Anjum Rashid (I do not know anything about this person - Bhavesh)for Swami Agnivesh. The said e-mail is reproduced below:

Dear Bhavesh ji,
Thanks for your very informative Email. Swami ji will reply to all the questions put forth by Shri Agniveer. Actually he has a very hectic shchedule in the wake of disturbances in many parts of India. He was in Guwahiti-Kolkata last week. He is in Thiruananpuram right now and leaving for UK-Guyana-US on 6th of December for nearly three weeks. But he will reply to every question in due course. Let us be patient.
Anjum Rashid
for Swami Agnivesh

Expel Swami Agnivesh from

Expel Swami Agnivesh from Arya Samaj sooner than later. In fact he should be deported from India.

if u r so much disappointed

if u r so much disappointed do not call him "swami" and no need to expel him since he is no longer "arya" just expel him from our minds as an aryasamaj member. if agree spread this message to every aryasamaj mandir.