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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्


In the ninth chapter of his Satyarth-Prakash (Light of Truth) Swami Dayananda Saraswati (1824-1883) has described the concept of Emancipation or the highest state of the soul. He has explained positive features of that most wounderful state as under:

"Just as worldly pleasures are enjoyed through physical body, similarly the happiness of emancipation is enjoyed through God. That emancipated soul:

- Moves about freely in the boundless Divine Spirit.
- Sees the whole universe through the purity of its knowledge.
- Associates with other emancipated souls.
- Looks into the order of things in creation.
- Goes to visible and invisible worlds and intuits all things which present themeselves to it.
- Its happiness expands according to the expansion of its knowledge.
- Being free from all dirst, the soul becomes perfectly learned in the state of emancipation and has a direct cognition of all that lies hidden within the objects."

Shouldn't we aspire for such an achievement?

= Bhavesh Merja

This explains what the

This explains what the 'Mukti' or 'Emancipation' realy means, and is a real thing which a soul would desire as its ULTIMATE Goal.But contrary to this the prevailing views about the ultimate goal are very un-natural as -(1)Some say the soul loose its existance in ' Mukti'.Now if it is so who will seek such a Mukti , where your existance & the identity are at stake. And see the ultimate consequece of it, whereby all souls will loose their existance and there shall be no Creation for ever in the end ? (2) The others say the souls get similar physical pleasures as 'hoorey'etc, as we get in this world. This thought makes a man more attacthed to this world, than is Natural and drags him to do many a Un natural acts ,which then result in un-natural & un-wanted consequences. Both these thoght processes are thus a source of all the troubles we are facing to-day. So I think this is one of the great reality with which Rishi Dayanand has enlightened the world.

Thanks for your

Thanks for your supplementary remark.
= Bhavesh Merja