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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

It's time to trigger a fortune of your Health

Now Trigger a fortune !

There are certain doctrines, which, if adopted, change the course of our lives and open up new vistas of progress and prosperity. And in addition to being a harbinger of prosperity, they may not necessarily be hard or difficult to adopt. On the contrary, some even will prove to be instrumental in reducing the burden we had been carrying so far. A program based on such a doctrine is given below. Being in perfect harmony with nature & time tested, it needs no testimony. Interested? Then read on!

Seeking good health is not difficult. It is we who have made it so. If you are among those trying too hard, contemplating or undergoing a rigid regimen, a tiring schedule en route to good health, if you are simply fed up with medication and/or if you have tried and found out that all sorts of treatments do not take you too far, then relax! There is an easy way out.
The major factor, the base of blooming health is available for free! Just go back to Mother Nature.
It is irony of fate that ‘man’ the best creature, bestowed with all knowledge, power and control is the one who is unhappy and is suffering most. The reason is simple and vividly evident. We have gone astray from the path set for us by Nature.
We all know that day & night are meant for work and rest respectively. But see what we have done. We have manhandled the solar structure itself. Night and day have no meaning for us. We don’t know when the sun rises or sets. We have our own day and night. We are even capable of turning day into night or the vice versa. Why ? Well we have harnessed nature! We are ahead of nature!

We have forgotten that Sun is the source of all energy and that our body metabolism works at its best only in presence of sunlight. That is the reason Ayurveda strongly advocates end of all activities after sunset.

This fact is age old, had been observed rigidly by our ancestors, who reaped its enormous benefits. However, as time elapsed, it appears to have been forgotten. Today Naturopaths, Jains and may be some other sects do continue to observe, propound & advocate it but, it is rather unfortunate that, we have so far failed to give sufficient thrust to this exceedingly important phenomenon so as to reach the masses.

Is it feasible to attain good health while going against nature? Well, it is simply impossible. Let us not fool ourselves.

Depriving our system of adequate food during day time and feeding it when it is the rest time for it, is the greatest blunder being committed unabated everywhere.

Simply rearranging meal timings would solve a huge number of our problems just as a little energy spent on the control system handles huge amount of power.

The Plan
Our health is controlled by a number of factors and each one needs to be taken care of. However, if our activities are against nature and particularly if our eating habits are not in conformity with it, then no matter how hard we may be trying we cannot meet our cherished goal.

Keeping pace with nature is the first condition and the gateway to good health. It is the base on which we can build our health.

  • This simple rule of nature is placed on the top in the hierarchy of importance. And see the beauty and kindness of nature that greater the importance attached to it, the simpler is its adoption; so simple that any one and everyone can adopt it with comfortable ease.
  • From morning till evening full day is available to us to fill our bellies, but we do not stop here; we go right up to midnight. And this too is not the end. To make the matters worse, we consume all sorts of junk food that we couldn’t lay our hands on during the day.
  • We fail to realise that meals taken during night do not feed us with nutrients, they feed us with diseases.
  • Let us take a glance at what happens when we take a late night meal.
    Our digestive system that was preparing to shut down after a full day’s hard work, is shaken up and given a fresh job. Reluctantly though, it takes up the job. Since metabolism is now at its lowest ebb, digestion progresses sluggishly.
  • A conflict erupts. While the body tries to close down its most functions, the digestive system tries to wake them up. In the conflict that may linger on till morning, neither digestion gets completed nor we get a sound sleep.
  • While the disturbed sleep leaves us gasping for breath in the morning, the sluggish digestion leaves a portion of food rotting. The ensuing poisons then join the food extracts being absorbed by the intestines and enter body systems akin to virus in a computer.
  • This disrupts the central control system, which starts malfunctioning. We now no more feel hungry or energetic in the mornings. As days pass, this forms our second nature. Mornings then turn into nights and nights into mornings. We remain slack during day and become overactive during night. This seriously affects our sleep pattern & serves as an open invitation to all sorts of diseases.
  • Some people take pride in skipping breakfast and take just a cup of tea or milk at the maximum. If only we could achieve such a condition at night we would be a lot better.
  • Digestion is the most important function of our body. We may be consuming a balanced diet and all sorts of highly nourishing food, but what would the body gain if the digestion were defective?.
  • For proper digestion we need to plan our meal timings. By the time we retire, we must ensure that most of the digestion work has been completed, the stomach is light and in the alkaline (anti-acidic) state. We must do our best to achieve it.
  • Once achieved, new energy will get released. With proper digestion and better sleep, we will wake up fresh in the morning and will be full of vital energy throughout the day. Things will then change. New avenues will open up and a stream of progress will follow. Body will start gearing up and diseases, if any and what so ever they may be, will start seeking the ‘out gate’.
  • This program is applicable to one and all, whether sick or healthy, young or old. In fact it is a must for everyone in any state throughout our life. For those who have crossed over middle age, it will come as a relief, raising new hope, while it will act as a guide and protector for those who are yet to cross.

Meal Timings
While it is recommended to take smaller and lighter meals more number of times than to take heavy meals less number of times, it is important to ensure good appetite before every meal. We should plan the timings in such a way that we can take our day’s last meal around sunset. (Where sun sets early, meals should be taken three to four hrs. before retiring) This should also be freshly prepared, warm, light and alkaline. Ailing persons should take extremely light meal at this time under guidance of an expert. After this nothing should be taken at night. With proper planning, we will not feel hungry or thirsty at night. However, we could experience a vague feeling of hunger, but it will subside as we lie down. Still if someone feels like taking something, a cup of hot milk, soup or any hot drink can be taken.

It is important that we do not feel too hungry at night. If this happens, recheck your meal plan and increase intake of antioxidants (green vegetables, citrus fruits etc.).

Nights will demand greater self-control, especially if we are overactive. In case we come home late in the night, body heat rises and a temporary/false hunger erupts. To control such a situation, wait for some time before taking some thing, while the false hunger subsides. It is better to avoid excessive activity at night, as there is a strong tendency to overeat with metabolism at its all time low.

Lighter and lesser the quantity of our last meal, and greater the alkaline content the better can we expect to progress. However, be cautious not to overeat in the day.


1. Working with nature is the easiest and the only available way to good health.
2. ‘Work’ and ‘Food’ are best during day time.
3. Late night dinner does us no good; it only harms.
4. New energy gets released when majority of the digestion work has been completed before bed time.

Take this nature’s directive seriously, adopt it and ‘fly high’.

Devendra Kumar Bakshi

Namaskar, Nice Work.I

Nice Work.I appreciate your hard work.
Pls. Make A forum for online solutions for removing doubts about religion and Pakhand,way of life ,Mental peace,day to day problems,social problems,national problems ,stress etc.where our panel of purohits should answer the questions(Vedic Way)and also give the precious advise to suferrers, online instantly and at a fixed time on daily basis.You Can also Advertise for this on Internet to popularise this interaction.This will be great for prachar.
Pls. advise you opinion.
Naveen Arora

Namestey Naveen ji, Please

Namestey Naveen ji,
Please join the Aryasamajonline group for such topics at:


Namastey Can you guide me

Can you guide me that is their any natural/homeopathy cure for Shoulder dislocation--repeated again & again?? Doctors are advising me surgery....
kindly advise.
Naveen Arora

Namastey still awaiting

still awaiting comments/guidence
Naveen Arora


नमस्ते नवीन जी

क्या आप दिव्य योग से सीधा सम्पर्क कर सकते हैं? उनका ई मेल पता है
गर्दन ,कंधे, पीठ आदि में दर्दों के मुख्य कारण हैं
!. गर्दन ,पीठ आदि को अधिक समय तक झुकाए रखना
2. मोटापा
3. गठिया
4. सैर,व्यायाम न करना
5. पेट में गैस बनने से
6. अधिक मात्रा में चीनी तथा मिठाइयाँ खाना
7. असंतुलित भोजन खनिज विटामिन,विशेश कर डी की कमी
8. ऊंचा सरहाना लेना,टेढ़े मेढ़े होकर सोना,ढीली चारपाई,....
9. पीठ सीधी रख कर गाड़ी न चलाना
10. अशान्ति, चिन्ता, निराशा, भय
यह मै योगिक उपचार पुस्तक में से लिख रहा हूं, यदि आपको कुछ लाभदायक हो तो?

Naveen ji Namestey. Glad to

Naveen ji
Namestey. Glad to have you on this fourm.. We all are here to help each other.
Reg. your shoulder problem You need expert advise.. So please contact an experienced Naturopath. The overall body health does countin any & every ailment & disorder.For this ,suggestions are posted on this forum from time to time. So keep visiting this site & let us know your coments.
D.K. Bakshi

Noted,Thanks. Regards, Naveen

Naveen Arora