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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Simple way to add an article to this site.

Many first time users of the internet have asked for a simple way to add artcles to this website. This is an attempt to help those people who are new to internet. If after reading this article you still have questions, please add comment to this article at the bottom of this page.

Any user can add comments for any article on this site. But to add an article, you have to be a registered member of this site. To become a member, please click here.

When you become a member its easy to add an article to the site by following these simple steps:
1. Login to the site using your user name and password.
2. Click on the Forums on the top of tha main page, or click here.
3. Click on the link : Post new forum topic
4. Now add a title, select the appropriate forum, and type your article.

Please note that while you are typing, if you click on any of the other links or buttons (like Back, Home etc.), your edited article will be lost! To avoid this, either don't click elsewhere or click on Submit button below. You can always come back and edit your article.

To add a Hindi article, you can choose one of the three keyboard mappings

  • Hinglish Typewriter (This is just like typing English, very simple to start using this)
  • Hindi Typewriter (This is same as Mangal font)
  • Krutidev Typewriter (This is based on the popular Krutidev font)

These can be choosen from the box on the right hand side entitled "Help with hindi typing". You can also change the Typewriter in the middle of the article. You can mix Hindi with English too.
To see teh keyboard map for each of these typewriters, click on the "see map" link. This will pop up a new window and so it would not affect the article you are typing. It would help if you print these.


Please don't add a new topic

Please don't add a new topic here, add them to the specific article or create a new forum topic. Please use this page for comments on this topic only.


It is ok, but in case we

It is ok, but in case we need to review our article before finally posting, how to save it. I didnot see thee s avee butten. Also there is problem in typing as seen above in the second line.

To save, you have to "Post"

To save, you have to "Post" the article. You can mention at the bottom that the article is being worked on. Currently there is no way to just save an article and have it not appear on the Web page.
What was the problem in the 2nd line, I did not understand.

Namaste! I wish a very happy

I wish a very happy Diwali to the members of this Aryan-Web-Portal and "Dev Dayanand Ke Deewane" leading their life in the holy "Light Of Truth" to achieve "Moksha" the real goal of everyone.
Suryadeo Jyoti
Bharath College of Engineering
Deemed University

Anupam Ji, namaste! I am

Anupam Ji,
I am very happy to see this nice Aryan-web-portal working well in your co-operation and dedication to help new web-users in any communicative problem.I hope the portal will help to propagate vedic thoughts and recent news to the whole world.
The e-mail address of user list members should be available to the members so that we may contact one another to celebrate glorious moments of Aryan-festivals and share vaidic thoughts or to get working experience from elder-scholars of vedic literature.
If possible please add list of all Arya Samajs and Gurukuls of India and abroad statewise along with famous writers and vedic scholars and Bhajanopadeshaks of Arya Samaj.
Wishing you all the best!
Suryadeo Jyoti
Bharath College Of Engineering
Deemed University

Please send me your comments on

You can email other members

You can email other members of this group by going here: Select the person you would like to contact and click on "Contact".
We hope people would come to this site and enter all this information. You can create a request in the Aryasamaj Forum for such information.

Sir, This is not a

Sir, This is not a comment, but a request.Will you kindly let me know where i can get a list of abooks by sri sri swamy dayanand saraswathy and the source from where i can get yhem? My E-mail address is : jgdsrn at

dhanyawad , om tat sat.

i can

You can get books by Swami

You can get books by Swami Dayanand, and other Vedic text from . Dhanyavad.

vimmi arora Namastey I am

vimmi arora

I am new to this site. Please add my name in the news agreegator and also advise me how I can write/receive articles from the same.
Vimmi Arora

Namestey Vimmi ji, The

Namestey Vimmi ji,
The news aggregator is available on the site. You can subscribe to the other Yahoo groups (aryasamajonline etc) to get a direct RSS feed.
You can write articles for this site, or you can join the aryasamajonline group and write the articles. You would automatically receive the articles from those groups.


anupam ji namaste please let

anupam ji namaste
please let me know is it possible to upload bhajan and how?

Yes it is possible to

Yes it is possible to contribute bhajans. Could you please let me know what bhajans you would like to upload and I would send you the details privately.


ए वेदों के

ए वेदों के वाली दयानन्द स्वामी तेरा जग में आना गजब हो गया :

मैं यह भजन सुनने का इच्छुक हूं क्रृपया अपलोड करने का कष्ट करें|
धुरी आर्यसमाज के वेद प्रचार कार्यक्रम में एक भजनोपदेशक ने यह भजन सुनाते हुए कहा था कि
जब यह भजन भारत की राष्ट्रपति प्रतिभा पाटिल के सामने गाया गया तो राष्ट्रपति भी झूम उठी थी |
और् खूब तालियाँ बजाती रहीं | इसलिये अधिक से अधिक आर्य जन इसे सुन कर लाभ उठायें अत:
अपलोड कर अनुग्रहित करें|

धन्यवाद |

शुभेच्छु :

राजेन्द्र आर्य