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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Mark of success

Mark of Success.

If man is desirous of achieving success, then it would be necessary for him that he adopts some of the characteristics of animals that we see around. What are they?

Simhadekam Bakadekam Shikshechatvaari Kukkutath|
Vayasaathpancha Shikshecha shat Shunastreeni Gaardabhaath||

One quality each from Lion and Baka [an Indian bird which feeds on aquatic life} four qualities from the Cock, five qualities from the Crow, six qualities from a Dog and three qualities from the donkey.

Prabhutam karyamalpam vaa yannarah kartumichathi|
Sarvarambhena tatkaryam simhadekam prachakshthe||

The man who desires of accomplishing a work be it small or big should accomplish the same after putting in full and complete strength and efforts at his command. We should learn this trait from the lion. The Lion while engaging in hunting puts in all strength at its command at once to catch the prey.

The intelligent should see that his senses are kept under control, and having full concentration of mind and after studying factors of time, strength, and situation obtaining should get the work done as Baka does.

Prathyuthanam cha yuddaam cha sovibhagam cha bandhushu|
Swayamakramya bhuktham cha shikshechatkari kukkutaath||

Getting up early, be ready for combat always, giving away the portions due to its relatives, and eating while engaging in counter offence, are the four qualities that are to be learnt from the Cock.

The quality of getting up early in the morning is to best learnt from the Cock. The Clock may go wrong attimes.But the Cock never fails. It cries before the sunrise. Man also should get up before sunrise. Vedas declare
Udynsuryam Eva supthanam dvipataam varcha adade|

Similar to the Sun who drives away the lustre and vigour of the lazy who gets up late, I also drive away the lustre and strength of the enemy [This is the declaration of a Vedic hero]. The person who sleeps even after sunrise becomes lazy and lacks vigour. His wealth gets destroyed. Hence it is necessary that he gets up well before sunrise. To sleep after sunrise and during sunset is considered sin in Bharateeya culture. In Ramayana Prince, Bharath in order to vindicate his innocence makes the following declaration.
Ubhe Sandye Shayanasya yat paapam parikalpyathe|
Tatpapam Bhaveth tasya yasyayonumathe gatah||
{Valmiki Ramayana Ayodhyakand 75.44}

Let the sin that befalls on those who sleep during sunset also befall on those with whose consent Ram was sent to Forest.
Giving away the portions that are due to others is always best. Duryodhan got himself destroyed by not giving away that was due to Pandavas. Vedas also declare, “Kevalago Bhavathi Kevalaadi” [Rigveda10.117.6]
The one who eats alone is eating sins only.

Gudam cha Maithunam dhastrayam kale kale cha Sangraham|
Apramathamvishwasam pancha Shikshecha vayasaath||

Secrecy in sex, grit, collecting things timely, always being alert, and never trusting others are those five qualities that are to be learnt from Crow.

Bahvashi svalpasanthustah sunidro laghuchenah|
Swamy bhakthscha shoorascha shadethe Shwnatho Gunah||

Possessing the power to eat too much, and when not obtained, remaining contended with what little that is got, sleeping soundly, getting awakened on slightest noise, loyalty and heroism are those six qualities that are to be learnt from a dog.

Sushranthopi vahed bharam shitostnam Na cha pashyathi|
Santhustascharathe nityam threeni shikshescha Gaardabhath||

Carrying the load even when dead tired, tolerating the extremes of heat and cold, and keep living happily are the three qualities that are to be learnt from the Donkey.

Ya yethaan vimshathi gunaacharishyathi manavah|
Kaayavasthasu sarvaasu ajeyah sa bhavishyathi||

That Man who imbibes these 20 qualities in his life becomes successful in all circumstances.

Chanakya neethi Saara. [6.14-21] Vasudevarao.

Namaste Sh Rao ji This is

Namaste Sh Rao ji
This is realy very nice. Lets see how we can adopt these natural qualities of animals to find a Natural way to success.