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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Electron is living!

A man of modern science has claimed that "matter which appears to be inert from out-side, is very lively inside. Scientists are working whether an electron has a free will."

If this is the reality then nothing like “inert” (Jada) exists in the whole universe; every thing is conscious - living! Electron is living, bread is living, tooth brush is living, and stone is living! Great secret unfolded! If electrons have free will, then why my car made of such living electrons doesn’t show any free will?

In fact, any physical or scientific behavior exhibited by the inert matter like electron doesn't prove existence of consciousness. Self knowledge, volition, aversion, effort, feeling of pain and pleasure – if these attributes are proved existent in electron then only one can say and believe that electron is conscious – living.

Many persons highly impressed by the modern science anticipate that one day science will authenticate Sankaracharya's monism - adwaitvaad! – that every thing is conscious - Brahma! But I don't think so. I think Dayananda's Vedic Traitvaad (God-Soul-Matter - three fundamental unborn eternal entities) would triumph one day. But it demands most learned and effective illustrators.

= Bhavesh Merja

Dear Bhawesh ji There is a

Dear Bhawesh ji
There is a saying in Sanskrit which describes the quality of Atma as "कर्तुम अकर्तुम अन्यथा कर्तुम स‌मर्थः" which probably means the one which has a capacity to do a thing ,undo a thing or do it in any other way, on its own. The matter doesn't posses any such quality on its own but Atma do have this. The matter works ,but in the way it is prescribed to do by its designer i.e., the GOD or the man.

Very correct Anand Ji. =

Very correct Anand Ji.
= Bhavesh

It is clear matter about

It is clear matter about Traitvaad, no other concept(Principle) can kill this truth.