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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Gurudatta Vidyarthi

According to Pt. Chamupati, Pandit Gurudatta [i864-1890] was the greatest achievement of Rishi Dayanand Saraswati. He was born on 26th April,1864.In his early childhood he learnt Hindi, Urdu, Pharasi and other languages.On 20th June, 1880 he got himself registered in the Arya Samaj as member. Gurudatta get an opportunity of his first and last DARSHAN of his respected Rishi. He saw the Rishi dying. After this event he was totaly changed. In 1885 he graduated and in 1885 he passed his M.A. from Punjab University. His position was record in the history of University.The speeches delivered by him were recognised as wonderful specimens of knowledge and oratory. He was the first person who get the title 'Pandit' according to Varnashram tradition. A treatise "The Terminology of the Vedas" written by him was included in the course of Oxford University. In 1884, he opened "Arya Samaj Science Institution". Many people came to attend his Ashtadhyayi class ,among them an E.A.C., who had taken leave for reading Panini Grammar. He was first Indian, who was selected Senior Professor.He loved Sanskrit and Veda so much that he said -" How good this may be that I forget the whole English education and become learner of pure Sanskrit. His "Vedic Magazine:" was a stupendous effort in the history of relious reforming.Asking about the biography of Rishi Dayanand he replied- I have been trying conscientiously to record the life- account of my Rishi not on paper ,but in my day to day life.

The Great Pt. Gurudutt , we

The Great Pt. Gurudutt , we all ARYAS should be very PROUD of HIM. He in his very brief Life time did reveal the virtues of a Great man. He proved the formation of water from Hydrogen and Oxygen from the VEDIC MANTRA. He was a Great intellectual and a Great visionary. On his BirthDay today we can all Rejoice His Memory.
Thanks Dr Ram Chandra ji for giving us a few more details about this Hero of Arya Samaj.

Namstey Dr. Ramchandra

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