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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

The Greatest Scientific MYTH

I Wish to Invite the attention of the Vedic Scholars towards the greatest Myth of the Day - The Scientific Myth.
The Myth which has made the man a slave, a material being, an unrealistic thing and what not.
The scientist till this day have not been able to define-
(1) The Human being
(2) The characteristics of Human Being
(3 What is desire
(4) Who desires
(5) Why desires
(6) What desires
(7) What is love
(8) What is kindness
(9) What is hate
(10) What is sacrifice
(11) What is selfishness
and so on----
Still it claims to define the universe and dis-qualifies what ever is not approved by it.
Correct the Basics and every thing will be alright. Distort the Basics and every thing will be distorted.
Therefore we Aryas should now take up the task of re-installing the correct Basics on the Human mind.There-after every thing will be set right progressively by itself.
The first Basic that requires correction is -
There are not 1 nor 2 but 3 basic things or Absolute things that make this Universe.
How ?
I am giving one example -
One basic is like a single line which can't occupy any space, however big it may be.
Two basic things are like two lines, they still can't occupy a space how-so-ever big they may be.
When there are three basic things like three lines, they do occupy a space unless they are // to each other and are exactly similar to each other. Even if any two of the three are exactly similar & // they can't occupy a space.Thus even to occupy a smallest of space three lines are a must. Similarily to make a creation three BASIC things are a must,
These three BASIC things are- GOD, SOUL & NATURE. Many a examples can be given to further justify the requirements of these three Basic Things to make a Creation.
Unless we know and realise all the three, we can't understand the Universe properly. If we realise these three Basics properly we can explain all the phenominae of Universe without difficulty.
The Story of science more than 20-30 years back was - Every thing is nature (a thing which can be sensed by our five senses) and there is nothing else than Nature which has any existance.
Many a religion including the Hindu religion were against this theory.The Vedantis however instead said there exists God and only God and every thing else has no existance. Now some scientists say , Yes this is also true because the matter changes in to Energy and this is God. The Energy changes into matter and that is Nature.
What scientist now say is not very different from what they used to say earlier .Still Vedantis appear to be satisfied by this.Can we ask them - Whether God is true or Nature is true or now they agree that both the forms are true?
Now I raise some further Basic questions -

(1) What is Energy? That given by the formula E = mc sq. ? What does this mean ? Whether matter can be converted into energy only ?
(2) Can energy exist without Matter/ Nature. If m = 0 in the above equation , E also becomes zero, then how is it said that the all the matter can be transformed in to Energy ??? One definition of Energy is – Energy is a capcity to do work. It is measured by the amount of work done or by multiplying the force and the distance moved.
My further question is, if we accept, when there is no matter left, all is Energy only, then how/ in what form it do exists (and where its force can act )?
(3) When a pebble is lifted up from ground ,it is said that its Potential Energy has increased .When it is thrown down it's kinetic energy is increased and it is also said that sum of the two energies remain constant. My next question now is ,when a matter burns does the total energy increase? When the total energy remains constant in the above case, does not it remains constant now in this case also?
The Science says,so much heat energy is produced, so much light energy is released? That is to say that there is an increase in energy?
But I say it is basically incorrect to say so. What you can say is that this form of energy has increased and this form has decreased (i.e velocity has changed its form to random or any other form of velocity), while the sum total of energy remains the same.
Why I say so, pl. consider the following -
According to science the matter is said to have three states - The solid,liquid and gaseous. Here lies the fault. If the fire is also cosidered as one of the state of matter then still we can say the total energy remains the same, and only the form of energy has changed. Our scriptures clearly define the matter to have five states and these are - the five Tatva's - Prithivi, Jal, Agni, Vayu and Akash. Each tatva has its characteristics and is perceived by five different Senses
Now the question again arises - if the fire or light is not energy and is a different form of matter only in which the form of energy only changes, total energy remaining constant, then what is energy?
Yes, This is a very pertinent question.
First let’s consider our own self. One man lies idle, the other remains energetic even if he is only a skelton ? We develop a desire and our body starts functioning. When we do some work , we change one form or state of matter in to another. When we initiate a reverse step the process is reversed. Whose energy is this? Is it not the energy of the soul who can desire, and who has initiated a new work ? Ofcourse the matter has a constant source of energy that reflects in the matter changing its forms. Here the soul can change its forms or formations and enjoy the different effects. Thus it is seen that the energy , which is applied at the initial stage is not that of the fire or light but it is the energy of the SPIRIT, the rest of energy which takes part in this action is the constant energy in the matter which changes forms to produce any of the five different forms of matter to produce a variety of actions.
Now take the case of the whole universe. As we work within our own body and as our body don't work without our will- will to live, will to get, will to work, similarily there exists a force, A conscious force, A Bliss which is prevailant in the Universe and beyond Universe and which drives the whole universe, which can change its forms and give a splended view perceived by the souls through the instruments of matter itself, called five Senses. This is that source of constant energy, which the matter recieves at the start of the Creation . This is similar to the force,which we the souls exert inside our body to initiate any of the body actions, we desire . The difference is one is extremely tiny, the other is infinitely BIG.
The above is a very brief introduction to the Greatest Myth of the day - the Scientific Myth. If only, the present day scientists realise the above facts, all their unsolved theories can be solved . There shall be Enormous other benefits the human race can have when these teachings are practiced .The whole human attitudes shall change and there shall be a New Humanity
Let the Vedic scholars work on this and develop the whole new World.

Now coming back to the equation E = mc sq., this may/or may not, be true for the created world , but when the world is dismanelled by God, it is not that all the matter gets converted in to Energy. But the fact is that the Energy is withdrawn by the God and hence E becoming = 0, the matter comes to rest (c becomes = 0), but the matter (m) maintains its existance and never never vanishes.