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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्


By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

An Army officer who was happy and gay was assessed high in officer-like qualities in good old days. Not so now. If he is gay he will attract penal provisions and may be court martialled for moral turpitude. Gay may be a three letter word but in polite conversation it ranks worse than a four-letter word unless you keep company with those who repose their faith and trust in the new vivah sanskar christened as Same Sex Marriage. This new fangled ritual that is performed sans priest of the old order walks away with the cake and lays claim to the title song Crazy Kiya Re.

The other day, on a Sunday to be precise, the same sex marriage votaries marched on main roads with all kinds of funny banners in outlandish clothes shouting slogans in a lingo that only they understood. It was a queer scene of queer people. Boys were in lip-lock position with younger boys and behaved as if they had gone through Saat Phere or tied the knot at the altar. Girls were hugging girls and had paired off as legally married husband and wife. The banner that attracted attention of the legal fraternity said it cared two hoots for section 377 of the Indian Penal Code. More of that later. The marching young men announced from housetops that they were homosexuals and did not care for the society that did not care for them. A passing by rustic village head said the last word on the issue: “This is real KALIYUG”.

The uninitiated ones were curious to know all about section 377 Indian Penal Code. A passing by lawyer, sans his black coat and white band, volunteered to throw some light and remove the area of darkness. He said he was doing so on condition of anonymity. This cloak and dagger approach was not required but without this he feared being ignored by the pressmen and lensmen. It actually happened. Shakespeare would not mind in his grave if it is said “Cruelty, thy name is Media.” The lawyer was brief. He said that section 377 IPC penalises “voluntary carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal.”There is no discrimination against any gender. Even consensual sex – anal or oral – between two persons is punishable by a fine and/or rigorous imprisonment up to 10 years. If a person has sexual intercourse with an animal, that is also punishable likewise. Having sex with an animal is bestiality and is termed as unnatural sex attracting penal provision of section 377 Indian Penal Code. It is,however, a debatable point if the law enforcing agencies have succeeded in putting such maniacs behind bars. Not many, I guess.

Bestiality is a criminal offence alright but it is difficult to produce actionable evidence in a court of law. Even active workers of the Society for prevention of Cruelty to Animals have not put forward concrete legal measures in this regard. Infringement of law is there but it goes unpunished. Animals do not speak our language and their language is not recordable by court officials. Let us leave poor animal victims at that.


Advocates of a proposal to legalise or decriminalise unnatural sex are of the opinion that sex is a matter of personal preference and the State has no reason to peep into the bedroom to find out who is doing what and how. If two consenting male adults have anal sex, or two consenting female adults rub their bodies against each other or play with a sex toy in the privacy of the bedroom, why should another human being or an agency of the State lose cool and try to put a stop to it. If two consenting adults, male or female or mixed, have oral sex, the law enforcing agency should not interfere. The proceedings are personal and private. Further, since all these infringements of law in bed have been going on in homes and hotels of high and low people, let the State make the aforesaid sexual escapades legal and ask the police to keep their hands off.

Preposterous, so say men and women of religion. Every group of major religious denomination spurns the very mention of words like homosexuality- sodomy, lesbianism , oral sexism, bestiality and so on. Let us take the most ancient form of religious order – the Vedic Dharma. The Vedic Vivah is for Procreation, for begetting children. A marriage between a male and a female will fulfil this requirement. A marriage between two males will not help in procreation. Hence it is against the tenets of the Vedic Dharma. So say other major religious groups like Muslims, Christians, Jews, Sikhs and so on. The government must not jump to conclusion and abrogate time-tested laws because some ministers are inconvenienced on account of them. A good State promotes health and happiness and does not bring in disease and death by promoting free sex and bringing in sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS. By letting the unnatural sex remain in the criminal category, we will protect our progeny. Pray! Tell me, what is more important: personal pleasures generated by unnatural sex or health and happiness of our children and children’s children.


Some products of high brow public schools consider themselves above normal social norms. Rightly or wrongly, boys and masters of eminent residential schools of England were seen as confirmed bachelors and also homosexuals. A public school group out on excursion in France was offered female company for a consideration. As per their grooming, they declined. The agent, may not be a pimp, made a snide remark “these gentlemen are English. They need company of boys and are not interested in girls.” That merely shows how typical some grown ups in India, who have inherited the British public school tradition, are in their behaviour pattern. Enough is enough.

Our education system has a role to play. Right now, both boys and girls are over sexed. With the result, most of their waking hours are consumed by a chat on sex or by reading or looking for pornographic material in daylight to be read at night. Naturally, the teenage boys and girls are over-excited about sex and wish to experiment. Under these difficult circumstances anything goes. They fall for whatever will relieve them of sexual surcharge. There are pitfalls too. Sodomy, lesbianism, bestiality are some of them. Indulging into these pleasures may attract penal provisions of law. Many bright people commit rape under influence of alcohol. It does not mean that the law on unnatural sex or rape is abolished. Such an abolition of laws will not solve the problem of our youth – both boys and girls. Value based education may be helpful, provided the teacher and the taught know what they are doing. Let us do our share of the job and hope for the best for the new generation. Good education and personal example of teachers will wean boys and girls away from a life dominated by surcharged sex and help them live life in a normal way.

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