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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Swami Shardhnand Bhawan

Namastey All,
Every body in this world gave repect to their leaders and their "marks"as their memory inspires them.
Then howcome Swami Shardhanand Bhawan is in such a bad position?
This was the question asked by my 13 yrs. old son on last 25th Dec.Shobhayatra for which i don't have any answer.
1)Nobody from our Sabha's bothers to inform newspaper engagements coloumn(it costs nothing)about the Shobhayatra.
2)Nobody/Aryasamaj hangs any banner for public information/no pamphletes distributed by any Aryasamaj Temple in their own areas "prior" to the Shobhayatra.

May I request the Aryasamaj authorities to response my querries.
Naveen Arora

Namestey Naveen ji, Please

Namestey Naveen ji,
Please give more detail about this place. It would be great it you could take a picture of the Bhavan this 25thDec and show it to everyone on the net.
I hope you get the answer from whoever is responsible for the Shoba yatra.

Namastey Anupam Ji, Pls.

Namastey Anupam Ji,
Pls. forward my posting to Arya Kendriya sabha,Delhi Sabha,Sarvadeshik Sabha as a querry from Aryasamajis ,on behalf of This Forum/Site and demand reply.
I have also noted your comments but I dont have digital camera/scanner but i will definately try to do as you have suggested.
Naveen Arora