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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्


By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

Baitullah Mehsood was a dreaded name on both sides of the Durand line that separates Afghanistan from Pakistan. Son of a small time cleric, Mehsood earned a notoriety for himself as a terrorist who had no remorse in killing adversaries and also those who toed a softline. For him what mattered was just spreading the word of Allah as enunciated in Qurán and illustrated by the life led by Hazrat Muhammad, sallallah wasale wasallum. The world beyond that did not exist for him. If anything existed and flourished without obeying the order of Allah, it deserved to be destroyed. Indeed, Baitullah Mehsood was a dangerous man to be in the vicinity. Pakistan encouraged him initially but found later that the Frankenstein monster was spreading its tentacles far and wide. In the second phase of love and hate relationship between a failed Islamic State and a bandit like Jehadi the closeness was too uncomfortable to be ignored. Pakistan chose, nurtured, trained and cohabited with Mehsud until the American intelligence agency, CIA announced a whopping 5 million US dollar reward on his head. The battle scenario changed thereafter.


In the tribal areas of Waziristan and frontier tract the tribesman celebrate birth of a son with gunfire. Mehsood did not get a chance to do so. He had three daughters who came to the world unannounced and uncelebrated as per custom. The terror god took a second wife. He had an ardent desire to sire a son but had not succeeded so far. He was diabetic too. Nevertheless, he always desired to cohabit with his second wife to go through the natural process to father a son. He was too busy to go into niceties of sex life. He would just have it anywhere anytime with his newly wedded wife. After all he was just 35 years old and had married a pretty girl, daughter of a minor cleric of the region.

On the fateful night, he was in his father-in-law’s mud plastered house to be with his second wife for the whole night. The heat was sweltering as is generally the case in that part of Pakistan. He chose to sleep on the roof of the ground floor on a couch out in the open. His second and pretty wife was sharing the couch with him. It was both pleasure and pain.

The Americans came to know of it. After all they run Intelligence services that claim to be efficient, next only to Mossad of Israel. The drone, that pilotless aircraft famous for being tasked to do anything that a normal snooping aircraft does, was soon ordered to the place in question. The powerful cameras fitted in the drone zeroed in on the Mehsood couple lying out in the open. The computer targeted the devastating missiles called Hellfire and locked on to Mehsoods. The command came from thousands of mile away control centre in Nevada, Fire. In no time the missiles hit the target with accuracy. All was over for Mehsoods. All that was left was debris and pieces of human flesh. The most dreaded terrorist of Pakistan had met his doom the way he had planned and executed the end of life for others. It was a matter of rejoicing for those who had been hunting him for quite some time.

What an irony of fate. The top terrorist had wished to sire a son but death came rushing to court him. Thus common man’s faith in the Divine Justice was strengthened. Atheists became believers.
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Very Nice Brigadier ji Bahut

Very Nice Brigadier ji
Bahut bahut Dhanyawad

AUM Namaste Anand Bakshi

Namaste Anand Bakshi Ji.
lekh ki sarahana ke liye main aap ka aabhari hoon.
Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM