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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्


It appears that appeal and efforts of Swami Sumedhanandaji (Chamba) for building unity among warring fractions of SAPS would not yield any thing concrete, because he himself is not acceptable to one of the groups. To that particular group he is viewed as a person of Swami Agniveshji. Moreover, we have been informed that he keeps on performing some arbitrary type of yajna at his Chamba Ashram (Dayananda possessed no such ashram), which is criticized by many Vedic scholars that such yajna is exploitation of the masses in the name of Vedic yajna tradition and it has no base of any authoritative books of Vedic rituals. This issue has also brought him into controversy and debate. Moreover, Sumedhanandaji's lack of administrative experience is also one of the reasons to doubt his competency to lead Arya Samaj.

Swami Agiveshji is a famous and experienced person, but he does not have firm thinking. His views do not observe Vedic discipline. He always creates needless controversies leading unrest and instability in Arya Samaj. He has miserably failed to win confidence and support from the Vedic scholars. He seems more political than spiritual or religious person. He doesn't keep his promises. One of the eminent Gujarati authors and columnists once wrote me that – “Swami Agniveshji is suffering of TV mania. He loves to be seen on TV.” Any way, he has contributed nothing to the solidarity among the Arya Samaj. His presence in SAPS has rather worsened the situation.

Acharya Baldevji of Kalwa Gurukul Harayana carries very high regard among the majority of Aryas, and by a group he is being projected as a probable leader for SAPS. Once I asked one of his admirers whether Acharya Baldevji possesses leadership and administrative qualities essential to lead the apex body of Arya Samaj. His response was not very encouraging. Any way, his simple and innocent personality should not be exploited and misused in future by some of the smart fellows pretending to be his supporters today.

Sarvadeshik Arya Pratinidhi Sabha can be and should be saved at this stage also. We just can't let it die this way. One day this can happen to Arya Samaj or Paropkarini Sabha. Should we allow them to die this way? No. Fortunately we have many scholars, thinkers and well wishers. We wish and expect that they should do some thing for the restoration of the brilliant image of our SAPS. The present heads of the three fractions of SAPS should do introspection and realize that seeing these conflicts and their negative remarks for each other no one really respects you people. No one rely upon you and no one is ready to follow you. You are leaders with no command. Please forget now your silly points of difference and sit together. We want to see you united. Unity will not descend from the sky. You have to get united yourselves. This is the only way.

The feeling and anguish expressed in the message of Dr Vivek deserves empathy from our hearts.

= Bhavesh Merja

Why should we wait for some

Why should we wait for some body to take up leadership ! Can we form temporary working committee.
Recently, i have visited Arya Samaj of North Delhi.I spoke to one of member about SAPS.He expressed non confidence in SAPS/Head Office Arya Samaj at Delhi in view of complex nature of their politics.So they are not interested to have any link with them and prefer to be independent body as per constitution established by Arya Samaj