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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्




By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant, VSM

A quarter of a century ago we were cruising in our Nissan jonga along Lake Pangong Tso in Ladakh. A little of the lake is in Ladakh and the rest is in Tibet at an elevation of around 12,000 feet above sea level. It was a fine weather; the sun, the azure sky, the high altitude desert and the mild breeze made a perfect panorama for a pleasant drive. Lo and behold the weather turned foul. Mountains make their own weather of unpredictable variety. Rains were not far behind the thunderstorm and they came in torrents. The road was cut. We were stranded. the fear of being frozen to death at night stared us in the face. We turned to God for guidance. Recitation of Ved Mantras was a natural corollary. The divine inspiration came in full measure. God gave us the will power to act and act promptly. Notwithstanding the freezing cold, we took out pickaxes and shovels, dug deep and filled gaping holes in the road. Panting for breath in the rarefied atmosphere, where oxygen was worth manifold its weight in gold, we kept praying and working. God answered our prayer, our labour bore fruit and we crossed the cut in the road which we had filled up. The prayer and action went hand in hand. We had survived to fight the on going battle of life. The sunrise next day was more glorious than ever before. An odd agnostic in the company had turned into a ``theist'' and a staunch one. Many a man has queried me about the specific Ved mantra which inspires a man to banish evil for good and imbibe the noble. Well, here it is ``OM VISHWANI DEV SAVITAR DURITANI PARASUVA; YADBHADRAM TANNA ASUVA.'' The mantra figures in both the Rigved and the Yajurved. Herein a prayer is addressed to God, who is the best inspirer and the motivator (Dev Savitah), to motivate the soul to banish the evil in its entirety from the body and mind, word and deed, thought and action. Once the soul is cleansed of the evil, the soul will act to imbibe the noble. Of course, the action to banish the evil and imbibe the noble is to be taken by the soul, under inspiration from God. Indeed righteousness in thought and action which leads to the betterment of both self and society makes a man noble. In the Vedic philosophy of life, it is the soul that bears the burden of its acts and omissions. The evil (the Vedic word is Durit) is identified and tackled effectively under celestial inspiration. Temptations are sinful and must be kept at arm's length. A soul which commits a sin and indulges in wishful thinking of invoking divine pardon is bound to be bereft of divine inspiration. Leading a Vedic life prepares a soul to receive inspiration from Dev Savitah to banish evil in all forms. A man must resolve to turn his back on sin, prepare himself to reap what he has sown and God will be with him. Imbibing the noble - Ah! what a Herculean effort is required! Well begun is half done. When the soul succeeds in banishing the Evil, the battle is almost won. The Noble is inculcated to improve the self and society because both are important. When the Evil is out, the Noble is bound to come in to fill the vacuum. A great Vedic scholar and preacher, Pt Ganga Prasad Upadhyay, who rose in religious rank to become a Brahmin (by birth he was a non-Brahmin) writes in his ``Vedic Pravachan'':- ``The banishment of Evil amounts to, ipso facto, receiving that which is Noble. The act of beating germs of a disease blue is a pre-cursor of health and vigour''. What should a man or a woman do to imbibe the Noble ? Well, remaining in constant communion with our maker, GOD, is the sole remedy of a million maladies. Out of one's busy schedule, which endeavours to make him ``one-up'' in the cut throat competition, one must find time to sit in meditation in a clean corner of one's house. Relax and recite a Ved Mantra with a resolution to act on the divine injunction: Be Noble: Be a good human being. The Vedic word is `Manurbhav'. A good man aspiring to imbibe nobility will, in his word and deed, serve society before serving self. Nobility or `Bhadra' will bring the crime graph down, send it plunging like sensex and no dot com will stage manage a `tehelka' Both the underworld don and the state watchdog will be able to improve their lifestyle, notwithstanding a dwindling bank balance of black money. Let us say: in God we trust and endevavour to earn our daily bread by sweat of the brow and covet not what is not ours. We will enter Heaven while living on this Earth. It will be kingdom of God for man.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.