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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्



By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

When the pony riding Maratha cavalry attacked the ferocious Mughal horsemen and defeated them in battle with little resources and primitive armaments, the Marathas were indeed called Brave Hearts. When Maharana Pratap of Mewar chose to lead an independent kingdom against the mighty Mughal king, Akbar, despite personal and public privations, he was a real Brave Heart. The same compliment can be paid to Porus when he chose to face Alexander in battle or to Lakshmibai, Rani of Jhansi when she fought against better armed and better trained Company Bahadur’s Firang and black soldiers to preserve, protect and defend independence of her kingdom in particular and entire Bharat in general. They were all Brave Hearts. We make an endeavour to emulate them.


We do not come across many brave hearts now in the 21st century. Why is it so? Well, these days men and women do not take care of their hearts. In any case, the super romantic youth burdens the heart with too much of extra-curricular activities relating to Love. So, heartaches are bound to follow. One wonders why poets and philosophers connect heart with non-heart-like functions. There is no compensation for this overtime work. If you ask a heart specialist what the function of a human heart is; he will say it is to pump blood to the entire body and the heart too needs blood for its own efficient functioning. Leaving the love-lorn and the prosaic people aside, let us concentrate on keeping the human heart healthy so that it discharges its primary duties. Heart is a tender organ of the body but one of the most important ones. The moment a heart fails, the brain does not get oxygenated blood and a part of the body may be paralysed unless the failed heart is revived through one of myriad methods in practice now. No wonder a cardiologist advises people on methods to keep the heart healthy so that it does not fail even temporarily.

The unpleasant statistics on heart diseases include young patients too. Most of them are urban male youth. Let us consider the Indian young men and find out why they suffer from heart diseases which include cardio-vascular ailments too. Fortunately the rural youth of our country do not contract heart diseases and the main reason for this is their life style and health promoting balanced diet. Young girls and women from rural areas also have a health promoting life style and, therefore, are out of the net of cardiologists. On the other hand the life style of urban youth, what to say of men and women on the wrong side of forty, is sedentary, the eating habit is unhealthy and sleeping hours are irregular. In the name of exercise, some say Gymming( slang for going to a gymnasium) and others keep mum. Most of our compatriots in urban areas do not know what a sunrise is and when do the birds sing or chirp. The number of late risers is on the increase whereas our Rishis had laid an emphasis on leaving the bed before the crack of dawn. One who loves lazying in bed for long hours misses the nectar-giving fresh air when birds chirp, sing and twitter. It is indeed music to ears and lifts low spirits too. So, one should inhale the life-giving oxygen before sunrise and do so effectively through Pranayam. Pranayam provides elixir of life and should not be missed at any cost. A leisurely walk for senior citizens, a vigorous jog for the youth and a PT table for all as per age is prescribed to keep all ailments at arm’s length. This is an effective step forward to become a Brave Heart.


Charak, the Vaidyaraj of ancient Bharat, had given the golden guidelines on what to eat and when to eat. “ HITBHOOK MITBHOOK RITBHOOK” said he. It means that a person should eat what is beneficial for him or her, he or she should eat a little less than what is needed to satisfy hunger and finally eat food earned by the sweat of your brow and with honesty. One has to be cautioned against eating junk food like burgers, pizza and deep fried potato chips because these clog blood arteries and give rise to cardio-vascular problems. One should be further cautioned not to imitate Clinton, Obama and others of that tribe in this regard. Eating coarse grain, fibre food, green leafy vegetables and plenty of seasonal fruits is the surest way of becoming a brave heart. Over and above this intake of solid diet, drink as much water as you can right from the time you get up to the time you hit the sack for a good sleep.

Spiritualism plays a leading role in keeping you free from ailments of heart. It does not mean that you get bogged down in religious rituals and become superstitious. Spiritualism means that you meditate on AUM in a silent way, do Pranayam in between and when in an open place Laugh Aloud to empower your lungs. The mind concentrates on a Ved mantra and you practise this meditation till reaching the stage of Samadhi. Indeed that will be an achievement worth looking forward to. There is no blowing of conch shell or ringing a bell or giving a call like a muezzin. Silence is the golden rule of this kind of spiritualism. Spiritualism blesses a devotee with mental robustness and a strong will power. It helps in steering one’s life on the path of righteousness and not letting one go astray. Staying on course will help in doing the right things, undergoing the right exercises, eating the right food at the right time and continuing to take interest in spiritualism of the right order. A moment ago a mention was made when to leave the bed. One may ask when to go to bed. Well, two to three hours after a taking a major meal and not at a late hour so that the devotee gets about six hours of sound sleep before starting the day at the right pace again. Thus the cycle of work, sleep and prayers to buttress the Will goes on and on until it is time for the soul to leave this body to begin a new journey in a new body till one attains the ultimate goal, MOKSHA.

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