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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्


By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

The Punjab dominated Pakistan Army cares for the province of Punjab in the right earnest. The other three provinces called, North-West Frontier Province, Baluchistan and Sind are not parts of Pakistan proper but only colonies. For all practical purposes it is the Pakistan Army that rules Pakistan and the political set up is just a part of the make-believe world. It is just a fairy tale told and retold for the consumption of the western democracies so that they loosen their purse strings and save Pakistan from total bankruptcy. With the advent of the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan, their inglorious exit, coming-in of the Taliban followed by the western forces, Pakistan has struck a gold mine. The western world has mistakenly made Pakistan a bulwark of defence against Islamic terrorism and it has given Pakistan a golden opportunity to perfect the art of running with the hare and hunting with the hound simultaneously. Moreover, the western hard currency flows into Pakistan exchequer freely. Further, to convince the western powers that the Pakistan Army comes down heavily on the Islamic terrorists, the officers and soldiers perpetrate cruelty and ethnic suppression on people of Baluchistan, swat valley and anti-Punjabi tribes of the Afghanistan-Pakistan border areas, sometimes called no man’s land as writ of no government runs there.


Before Pakistan was dismembered with the moral and material support of India in 1971 and the East Pakistan became Bangladesh, the Bengali population was subjected to untold torture and cruelty by the officers and soldiers of the Pakistan Army. The game plan was to kidnap, abduct, rape and impregnate Bengali girls, both Hindu and Muslim, with Punjabi-Mussalman semen to give birth to a new nation who would hate to speak Bangla bhasha and not sing Rabindra sangeet at all. The man who ruled there with an iron hand was General Tikka Khan, the former butcher of Baluchistan and the present butcher of Bangladesh. The Bengali men were slaughtered on the slightest suspicion of being pro-India, their women abducted and gang raped beyond recognition. However, India was always at hand to help politically, diplomatically and above all militarily. Thus Bangladesh was born.

Baluchistan is another story of terror and torture perpetrated by the Punjab dominated Pakistan army. They are above law of the land. Dera Bugti district has always attracted adverse attention of the central government of Pakistan. It is the Bugti family that has been holding the flag of Baluch identity high and their government mistakenly think that the Baluch movement for pride and identity is supported by India. The Baluch people are fiercely independent and do not compromise on principles. The govt hold this quality of character against them. All kinds of torture listed in the book of autocrats have been meted out to the Baluch people but they refuse to be subdued. It is said that when the time is ripe for Pakistan to break, Baluchistan and Sind will be in the forefront to drive the last nail in the coffin of Punjab’s Pakistan


Swat was under the Taliban terrorist rule for sometime recently. Called the Switzerland of Pakistan, the valley was an ideal place for the Islamic terrorist to hold sway as the modern means of transport and communication had not reached there. The West, paymasters of Pakistan, asked the receiver of hard currency to clear the Swat valley of terrorist before more money changes hands. The cash starved country had little choice but to act and they acted mercilessly in beating, beheading and using the third degree methods of torture on the residents of swat. It was all done to please paymasters. However, it attracted adverse attention of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and amnesty International. The Pakistan authorities cared little for such new fangled ideas and went ahead with their torture programme. Money is more important than Muslim tenets and torture programme went unabated.
Why has Sind been spared this time? It is because the President of Pakistan is from Sind. The day Army chooses to run the country and say good bye to the democratic world of Cinderella, Sind will be no different from Baluchistan in being placed at the receiving end. As far as the Frontier province is concerned, it is in the interest of Pakistan’s central government to keep the Islamic terror alive and kicking. That indeed is the money spinner, the bread winner, so to say. No wonder, on the quiet Pakistan permits the American drones to violate the air space but raises a lot of hue and cry for the consumption of the public at home. After all, it was some intelligence agency that tipped the Americans that Baitullah Mehsud was sleeping with his wife on the terrace to sire a son and the American drone came and put an end to his life. It was all a game of money changing hands and satisfying the spirit of Shylock present in Jew-haters too.


As of now there is no way out of the present impasse. The AFPAK policy of the NATO, propelled by the Americans has not yet taken off. The US commanding general has made a strong plea for a Surge in the US forces in Afghanistan to prevent a recurrence of 9/11 in America. He wants the NATO to hold fort till 2013 and thereafter hand over to the American trained Afghan Army. President of the United States has said that he would think in a cool manner and take time to decide. Until then Pakistan will have a good time with cash for torture policy against its own non-Punjabi citizens. As long as the Americans are on Pakistan’s side, the rulers care not on whose side Allah is.

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Ah ! what a pity, the Allah

Ah ! what a pity, the Allah is also unable to decide, which side to take and which not.