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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

The Historic International ARYA MAHASAMMELAN at Mathura

A historic EVENT for Arya Samaj.

After a long spell of silence, the happening of such a Sammelan at the Historic Nagari of Lord Krishna & the Historic Nagari of GURU SHISHYA MILAN of Swami Dayanand ji Saraswati with his Great Guru Rishi Virjanand ji will remain ever in the memory of all the Arya Samajis , the world over. The Mega Event was marked with the presence of great Arya Samaj Personalities as well as the presence of our Honourable Rashtrapati Smt PRATIBHA DEVI SINGH PATIL JI. Yog Rishi & MAHARSHI DAYANAND SARASWATI's Manas Putra SWAMI RAMDEV JI's presence was a source of great Moral Booster for one & all , who were present there.

The Arya Vidwans & Pujya Sanyasi gan were present in large numbers who showered their blessings on all present while imparting great Vedic knowledge & New ideas & proposals for the benefit of Aryas & the Nation. The time however was too short to enjoy such blessings in full & from all the great stars of Arya Samaj which included our Vidushi Mahilaye & AryaVeers The Yajya at the Yajyashalla was a thing to remember and learn some thing New. The great Sadhwi RITAMBHARA JI also addressed the Sammelan The different sammelans in which the whole event was divided included GURUKAL, VED VIGYAN , MAHILA SAMMELAN, AURVED & RASHTRA NIRMAN etc. The presence and the address of Honourable Chief Minister of Haryana Sh BHUPENDRA SINGH HOODA JI on 8th Nov. and the Krantikari address of Swami Ramdev ji marked the closure of the Big Event. It's really difficult to describe such an event except to see & realize the same. One shall be able to realize its effects , when detailed CD of the event is made available. Hearty Thanks of all ARYAS must go to ACHARYA SWADESH JI & all his team for organising such an Event & to VayoVridh Acharya Swami Baldev ji & all other Sanyasy-gan & Arya Vidwans who blessed the gathering & for such a heart rendering EVENT.

What was a lady who was

What was a lady who was involved in the ram temple movement and who instigated hatred and violence against a particular community doing at the arya mahasamelan in mathura.It is really shameful to see that arya samaj had invited a person who does not believe in the basic tenants of the vedas that are preached by aryasamaj.
1.We do not worship idols , so what was the basis of ram temple movement.
2. She preached violence when non-violence is a basic creed for every aryasamaji.
3.One could also assume that she hates a particular community.Is she than really a Sadhwi
4.We should remember that Great Swami Dayanand Saraswati differentiated between hindu religion which basicaly follows the puranas and the arya religion that is the vedic religion.

..Why we lost our brothers,

..Why we lost our brothers, who were converted to Muslims ? One of the reason was that we hated our own people who somehow or the other were misled and got converted in to Muslims. Had we not hated or treated them as untouchable and reconverted them back in to our fold at the first opportunity available, our condition today would have been different. AryaSamaj movement is for making each & every person an 'ARYA' a Shrestha person. Once every one becomes Shrestha then the movement has achieved its goal, but till all become ARYAS -a PERFACT person- we have to continue our struggle. So we have to welcome each & every one to our fold and work for the perfaction of all of us, and not repeat the same mistake which we did in the past. Unless we keep the dialog going with one & all as far as possible, how we think our goal of 'KRINVANTO VISHWAM ARYAM' CAN BE ACHIEVED ?